Sigil method works for all entities?

Being a newbie, I have been going through the forum to gain info on various entities.

My question is, Is the sigil method suitable for working/petitioning/interacting with all entities or demons?

I was studying about the entities from ‘Grimorium verum’ and i read Talisman has to be constructed.

( This just being a doubt. Im not trying to work with any entity now, as im still practising meditations and basic stuff)

So do different entities have different methods for invoking/petitioning or sigil method works fine?

Thanks in Advance. :blush:

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Sigils = Links, connections, portals, threads that connect us to entities. There are other ways as well.

Yes. With time and practice it can change.

You can but not necessary

Sigils will do just fine to start with.
You may be guided to do other things by the spirits.
You may even find your own way to do things in time.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things and following your intuition.

Sigils are more for the benefit of the magician than the spirit. If it helps you to establish an connection, then use them (I find sigils to be especially helpful when you are just starting the interaction). However, they are not a requirement and not every spirit will have a sigil available outside of your own creation. So, my advise would be to try them out to see if they work for you but know if they do not work for you, it is not the end of the world and there are many other ways to achieve the same goal.

Yes, although a sigil may be created for any entity it seems that for gods (and maybe all the spirits) their images may be used instead, so in place of gazing at a sigil you would do a summoning, perhaps the “Etsel Malakel” incantation by E.A. I wonder if gazing at a god/spirit’s figure in order to open it as a sigil would be possible as well…

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Thanks for your Input. I actually thought of Invoking Orias as he deals with strengthening of willpower. Im pretty much depressed and in a low phase of life due to my circumstances, wherein I thought taking help from Orias to have a better willpower would be really helpful with dealing with my Pain and agony that ive been dealing from 7 painful months.
I hope sigil gazing method would help me in connecting with Orias.

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Thanks for taking time and replying to my post. Yes. I intend to connect with your advice @Dralukmun. And can you specify the other ways to achieve my goals

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I find if you want a untainted sigil you’re best bet is to get one directly from the entity or make one and have them empower it. The common ones like the goetia sigils online have more than just the goetia linked to it at this point.

Well, think of sigils as essentially a god image, such as a statue. It is art meant to connect you to something beyond your conscious self. So if a sigil does not work, try another form of art to help establish contact. You could use a drawing, their name written in a different language (such as Hebrew, cuneiform, etc), a statue or you can forgo the image entirely and use their name as a mantra/chant to help establish a connection (you might have heard of something called an enn. This is a chant meant to help you establish a connection with a particular demon, much like sigils do. They can be used in combination to strengthen the connection. Much like sigils, not all spirits have an enn/mantra, so chanting their name can serve as powerful alternative). You could also use poetry, usually in the form of a littany, to help. There is also certain colors, scents, etc that can help ( these are known as correspondences and can be developed as you experiment and get to know a spirit). Like I said, there are many, many ways one can connect with any spirit

Edit: if you are going to use something outside of a sigil, it would be wise to set up some sort of defense to prevent imposter spirits. I personally visualize a circle of flames around my ritual area with the intention of keeping other spirits other than the ones I call out. You could also set that intention with a candle before you lit it if you are going to use it during intentional contact. It is not really an issue when you are first starting off but practicing now before it becomes a problem later on is not a bad idea

Your welcome
Azazel done something similar for me.
Got me out of the depression stage.
Self empowerment is very transforming.

Depending on what pain and agony your dealing with, there are a multitude of ways to deal with it.
If your drawn to Orias ask him to bring what it is to the surface. So you can clear it, transform it or dissolve it.

It may be uncomfortable to start with, but well worth it.
It can also be a bit of a puzzle to figure out.
If you get stuck or having a bit of trouble your welcome to PM me. Can share some ideas that may help.

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@SHaDoWSToRM696 Yes, im stuck and need help. But Im not able to PM you.

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