Sigil magick

First time trying it last night. Began working pretty fast.

Like a new toy - Im tempted to create more. Could you potentially burn them all in one go if for different things or should spells be focused entirely from start to end one thing at a time?

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Do you even have to burn them at all?

Probably not

I like to draw them on my body

Yeah I wouldn’t burn those then :sweat_smile:

No need to do anything with them, really. Some burn them in a ritual, some “activate” them by pouring their energy into them, some bury them, some put them in boxes, on the wall, and so forth. I made mine (when i did sigil magick) on 2.5" by 3.5" cards and filed them in 9 pocket-binders. Makes for a pretty collection.

So, you do what feels most “right” for you - that is the gist of the practice.

And yes, several sigils in one go is no problem.

Scribble away!