Sigil magick

Anyone here experienced in working with sigils? I have been reading some information about it, but the first question I have is, when you use a square for creating a sigil, then you use a blank paper for drawing the definitive version of the sigil. has the sigil to be hand free , or technically(exact measures, proportions etc) drawn?

I am not clear about what to do when the sigil is finished.

First up, are you talking about spirit sigils, or Spare-style Chaos Magick sigils?


It doesn’t have to be exact measures

Okay, I prefer to use the term spirit seals instead of sigil to prevent confusion with the Chaos variety so, to break it down for you:

A traditional seal for a spirit needs to be at least a reasonable imitation of what you are copying. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or flawless, but it does need to at least resemble the original in order to make a connection with the spirit. It is often said that you should draw it by hand in order to infuse it with your personal energy which helps to begin to establish that connection, so if you cheat and print it out, you should then go over the printed copy by hand (note: printed or digital copies of a seal will work just fine if you are too embarrassed about your drawing skills).

Now, when you talk about using a square to create a sigil, I am assuming you are talking about using something like a planetary kamea, right?


In this case, you break down the name using Grematia or numerology and trace it out on the square using straight lines. You mark the first with a small circle and then draw a straight line to the next, and the next, and then, on the last number, you mark it with a small vertical line signifying its end.

Using a “sigil generator,” like the Rose Cross method, is the same. You mark the first letter of the name with a small circle, and then connect each letter with a straight line, and then mark the last letter with a smaller vertical line. If you see a spirit seal that looks like this, it was drawn on either a square or the Rose Cross generally.

As for Spare style Chaos sigils…they can be as sloppy as you want them to be! The only one the sigil has to appeal to is you.


When you use one of these kameas, the sigil is drawn on the same grid, but then, if not hand free, how do you move the exact figure to a blank paper?

Other question; is there any rule for using or mixing sharp or round edges when drawing?

Put another piece pf paper over it and trace it.

No, though generally the sigils tend to have sharp angles just because of how the numbers/letters are connected:


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And what to do when the sigil is already created for it to start to work?

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Charge it.

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How to do it exactly?

There are a variety of ways.

You can open it, using the same technique you would use for a spirit seal.

You can invoke the planetary spirit and fill the sigil with the appropriate energy.

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Do you mean for example if I used a planet seal I should ask the planet intelligence to charge the seal?
-And if the sigil is one freely created using words upon that same planet kamea?
-And if the sigil is totally freely created not even using a traditional planet square?

I would appreciate so much these 3 details.

Yes, but the planetary Spirit, not the Intelligence.

No, if you are using a sigil created from a statement of intent, then it should be launched into the subconscious through an altered state,

A Spare-style sigil is usually launched into the subconscious.

After drawing it you lay your hands on it and fill it with your energy (the heat from your hands).

Not very clear if the sigil always has to be destroyed for it to manifest, or not, and if destroyed, when.

For a Spare-style sigil that manifests through the subconscious, yes, it is generally destroyed upon firing off into the depths of the mind

However, sigils created for long term effects, are usually left in place.

There are no hard and fast rules for Spare-style sigils.

For planetary seals, they are traditionally engraved upon metals for long term work. If you are just using it for a once and done situation, though, burning it after the result comes in is the usual way of disposal.

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So a Spare-style sigil is destroyed when the petition is manifested or just after charking it with your intention?

About engraving planetary seals upon metals is there any tutorial about doing it?

As I have repeatedly said, a Spare-style sigil is launched into your subconscious, which is done in an altered state, and the key to having it manifest is to forget about it, so any physical copy of the sigil is destroyed upon launching it, so it doesn’t remind you of the goal.

You would engrave a planetary seal on metal the same way you would engrave anything on metal. I’m sure you can find a tutorial on YouTube or some place.

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