Sigil Magick, worked?

Hello all,

I hope all is well, I wanted to explain that I’m a newbie but two days ago I tried gazing at Sitri’s Sigil and trying to express my intention as for sigil magick. I asked for sex and I have to say then next day it worked. Now I can’t tell if it was for this or something else. Can you help me ? Maybe someone who is in contact with Sitri ? Thanks so much in advance!!

I have also to say that it was what I asked for.

That’s more of a petition than sigil magic, in common parlance 'round these parts.

Either way it sounds like it worked. Why question it? It’s pretty unequivocal… Ask for something, receive it. If it works it works. Unless you’ve been throwing multiple spells at the same thing, sounds like you got exactly what you asked for. Take it as a win and let it bolster your confidence.


Thanks so much for your reply, it helped me. May I ask if gazing at sigil and ask for something and giving always something in return is sigil magick ? That’s what I did and the sigil flashed and all

Great I will try to

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