Sigil magick_when do you consider yourself "done"?

Greetings Nightcrawlers,

I’m just about to embark on another night of Sigil Magick. I feel I’m somewhat competent following the steps that EA has written for a practitioner to follow in one of the prior BALG newsletters. In addition, I’ve educated myself on the this subject where other members have posted too!

So, the long and the short of this whole thing is: I haven’t attempted Evocation yet, and my intuition is telling me to wait until the course comes out. I’m going to be moving shortly to another house, and must deal with all the shite that goes with that (FUCK I really hate moving man).

But in the mean time, I’ve really been enjoying making/painting my own sigils from BoA. I would say that I’m “working” with two sigils/demons as of tonight. My method has been:

  1. Meditate and relax into the Theta-Gamma state.

  2. Gaze at the said sigil until the lines start to “dance” and disappear/re-appear.

  3. Usually at this point my whole body starts to spasm etc.

  4. At this point I then release my desire to the demon. Now I’m still in a pretty relaxed state.


  1. In my Step# 4, from your experience, is “relaxed” as effective as being in almost a frenzy? I’m also rocking back & forth and saying “NN come…NN come”…then my body will start to quake, so I guess I’m somewhat frenzied?

  2. How often and/or how many times should I work with a particular sigil? Yes, I know some will say “until you get what you want”, but is it possible to work Sigil Magick or even a ritual to the point of over kill?

I understand that I as the practitioner must allow a “reasonable” time for the desired result to materialize. I’ve added my own blood to the sigils as of late for extra honing, I’m sure I could add my semen, what are thoughts on this?

Any suggestions for closing sigils at the end of opening them in ritual? Now, I don’t want to close them out i.e., burning them and so on, I’m saying how do I close them for that one particular working. What I’ve been doing is this:

After I again “feel” that the working is over, I turn the sigil over painted side facing down, come out of my meditative state by normal breathing, then say out loud “this work is done” and clap my hands twice aloud…seems to snap the air in the room a little.

Any suggestions, thoughts, critiques are much appreciated (as always)

Be well all!!!


Sounds like your on the right track to me. Make these rituals your own, use the rituals in the book as a template to add your personal touches to make it resonate and get you in the magickal mood.

I don’t see anything I’d recommend you changing about your rituals. As far as how long you work with a sigil is up to you. Personally if I haven’t seen signs in a couple a weeks I’ll retire the sigil and either try again after going over the situation and making sure that what I want from the spirit will indeed give me the results I want or pick a different spirit.

Adding blood or semen is preference IMO (semen is a lot more fun to collect than blood) , I only add blood when I want to really push it. If I’m working a love/lust working I’ll use semen. If you feel the spirit wants either give them some if your cool with it. Don’t give anything if your not comfortable with it.

After charging a sigil with intent I generally just fold it over and place it on my alter or inside the book I got the sigil from. When closing the ritual I usually just say thanks for appearin if you help this task I will give you public praise to spread your name and burn a candle when the tAsk is completed. Lately I’ve been using a sentence I stole from Necromaster when verbally communicating with the spirit “As it is within your power, As it is my will.” That’s about all I got, best of luck on your move and your magick.

Forgot to add I don’t see a problem with the rocking or telling the spirit to come. I’m usually silent and I’ll start seeing the edges of my sight bending like the walls are twisting, that’s when I know I’m deep in the sync. If the rocking and mantra help keep it up.


“As it is within your power, As it is my will.”…WOW I really like that! Thanks to Necro as well! I got some good advice however (as always). Perhaps, i’ll start keeping the sigils in my copy of BoA. Giving the "public praise’ is something that appeals to me…most excellent!

Yeah that sentence just feels powerful.

As far as the public praise goes it can be as simple as posting about a ritual and the results you achieved from working with a particular spirit.

[quote=“TheWanderingFool, post:4, topic:1177”]Yeah that sentence just feels powerful.

As far as the public praise goes it can be as simple as posting about a ritual and the results you achieved from working with a particular spirit.[/quote]

As speaking of public praise, I’ll through one out there right now since I was reminded by TWF. So several weeks ago I did a sigil magick with an entity to increase my level of income. Well last friday when I looked at my pay stub, I saw that there was a recommended pay increase for my position!! Plus one of my coworkers is leaving in a few weeks as well which means that I’ll be left with his workload, which isn’t that much but I’ll definitely have to be paid overtime as well since it will take a bit more effort to get stuff done in a timely fashion!
Plus, I’m looking into moving into a new home as well this fall so the extra money will definitely help with that.

Shout out to my demonic peeps!! (okay maybe that last line was a ilttle too much. lol)

I usually offer public praise for thanks. I usually create five sigils with “Hail NN” able it. Then I will leave them in five locations someone will find them. I try to leave them where they will cause the most reaction like in the bible of my hotel room, in a pamphlet for a family vacation spot, etc.
In fact I pretty much always leave one in the hotel bibles now.