Sigil magick HELP

Hello my fellow companions. I have been thinking about doing sigil magick for some time now.

I know I have to write what I desire in present tense and then choose the consonants skipping any that repeat. After that I create my sigil with the letters and activate it through some kind of trance like meditation , orgasming , thinking of it upon waking up etc.

I want to do it for sex. I have a girl friend who I want very much but she just sees me as a friend. She has shown interest some times but then it comes back to normal. I have read about lust / love spells that have a side effect like the person who you do it to becomes obssesed with you and things alike. I dont want to affect my friend in any way nor do I want her to become obsessed with me. We see each other dialy and we are very good friends. I just want to be able to make love with her. Will this method have any side effects on her or me ? And if it does how can I bring everything back to normal ? As the effect is for sex will it last until we have sec and after that it keeps going or stops ? Will she become obsessed or just sexually attracted to me ?
I will right

( her name ) and I have sex

I know they are a lot of questions , Thank you so much jn advance for reading this and helping. Have a good one companions

Use o the carnal e o the Messenger ou até A cupido servidor brasileiro


Random sigils ive found to draw. I love how my dimensions of that image is 666x500.

Charged it up in the forest, didn’t cum on it yet but will spill blood on it eventually, I also put some intent that it’ll be there whether tangibly or not and I put in some real life intent ( me making an effort to improve my physical well-being and magnetism) and shit works.

People overthink shit. Just have at it.

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May I add.
No amount of magick can be used to manipulate the chemical and perspective properties of a human. If a girl wants to remain friends with a man; it’s because he’s unattractive and (or) construed neediness in the form of femininity which eerily reminds females of them; they need frame and masculinity lays in the hands of accepting the issues there are and to solve it. Moving the fuck along or accepting you won’t getting laid might help without the use of magick.

Sorry, I just like being level-headed and grounded here. Sometimes we can’t change the way people see us and if you’re in the friend zone, you can get out of it by changing your attitude, habits and approachability with a woman. Keep it natural and always remain calm.

The reason why it’s hard to get laid with female friends is because 80-90% of conversation is not sexual related. If you want to fuck someone, the conversation has to relay constantly on flirtatious cues and sexual advances subtlety or upfront. :wink:

The preciseness of your Sigil doesn’t have to match the exactitude of the process. It’s moreso the preciseness of the Intent embedded in the Sigil that yields progress. Look at my half-assed Sigils. I hear of people tracing it like the form of an artist… waste of time. Even if it is a bit off, doesn’t matter.

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You can definitely get out of the friendzone via Magick. This idea that Magick cannot alter a person’s opinion of you is nonsense, as it flies in the face of hundreds of success stories proving the contrary. If you want sex, I’d go with the sigil of sitri. Meditate on it and state your intention. She should stay sexually interested in you for a while. Just choose your words carefully, because oftentimes, Magick will give you exactly what you ask for


This is correct. The binary of love/seduction spell casting definitely works but only to the degree of psychologically manipulating the bioelectrical ‘feel’ of that person towards you—it won’t fluctutate or go fickle if the spell bind was successful; but contrary to these “success” stories would have definitely people coming back with some ass-biting effect or perhaps an unforeseen consequence. You are forcing something. Force has effects.

These are only my opinions though. A lot of our assistance is from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which plays such a profound role with the work of magick.

Ehh… I do question how you would even know this to be true considering that you have fairly limited experience in practical Magick, by your own admission in your introductory message. I don’t mind disagreement, but if it isn’t backed by evidence, nor experience, I’m kinda forced to take it with a grain of salt.

When it comes to love Magick in general, people, some of which on this very forum, have straight up turned straight individuals gay for crying out loud…let alone the kind of powerful domination of mind countless others (including myself) have achieved on targets of the opposite sex. You’re heavily downplaying how powerful Magick is in experienced hands. It’s waaaay more than just “fickle fluctuations” or slight nudges of the “bioelectrical field” as you put it. No one’s converting to full on LGBTQ over slight fluctuations. The perspective properties of a person can absolutely be altered.

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I didn’t disagree, and I didn’t claim they’d fluctuate or fickle—only if it were unsuccessful it would. I don’t think anyone would’ve registered here underestimating the power of the mind, knowing it’s the end goal to achieve desire upon wilt.

I was simply explaining that you are only changing a bioelectrical property. It did sound like I was downplaying, apologies. I am also clearly not as experienced as the many others have practiced this for sometime now. However, that’s what I’m here for, to learn from the knowledgeable. Thanks!

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Fair enough. Again, I don’t mind disagreement and discussion…I just dont really see much real world evidence to support being unable to change the perspective properties of people. I think if the OP has been put in the friendzone, any entity like Sitri can flip his situation around without even breaking a sweat


Mm, like I said above; those were only my opinions which always should be taken with a grain of salt anyway. You’re right, perspective properties can be done. I will revoke what I’ve said.

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Comapnions. I understand each and every one of your responses , and I thank you very much for taking the time to write. Analyze and accept each persons point of view , please. We are doing magick here. Now everyone does this , we need to be able to understand the other so we accept him and just carry on. We are doing what most are not doing , so we shall be like not everyone is. And not to be better from most people , but to be a role model so they will also follow. Thank you for your responses. I understand every one of them and I appreciate it. Have a good one companions