Sigil magick and servitors

So after a long break I decided to put on my big boy panties and resume my occult route.

I have been taking notes and things about different topics like entities and different types of magick such as what this post will be focused on.

Correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

Servitors are a more active way of carrying out tasks on the astral level. Meaning that servitors carry out tasks and things similar to how we do. Without reguard to any other factors such as sleep, distractions, and so on but they require POWAAAAHH. So you give them a piece of energy to what is essentially a energy fueled robot in your mind factory. Actively the servitor cranks away at what you programmed it to do like you made a servitor to take the helm on your astral boat shooting shit that dares to enter your no sail zone. Basically the programming is up to your imagination as I know.

Sigil magick on the other side of the coin is a more passive kind of thing where you draw or make a sigil that means something like " I will become better at my job in 3 months time" something along that line. You make it look occulty and BOOM. You made a sigil, charge it up and walk away and let it do it’s thing like planting a seed except it won’t grow you will just get what you want if all is right.

I think this is how I think they work. Feel free to share your two cents it is a discussion after all. :grinning:


Depends on the servitor and where it’s made, thoughtform servitors are very useful for carrying out your will on the astral plane. My construct servitors are usually made to carry out my will here, usually exists on the energetic layer of the physical.

Though a sigil can be used as a dock for your servitor or as a servitor itself to help bring about a change you’re intending for it.


Thoughtform and construct sevitors.

Does the difference just come down to what you task them?

No, servitor constructs are made more through energy manipulation and the task is programmed into the construct like you’d program a computer, while thoughtform servitors can be compared to how you can create a fictional character and feed it attention which causes it to form, and from there you can give it commands.


Ok that makes sense.

I’d like to ask a question, if you don’t mind of course.

“what would you consider the difference being between sigil magick and creating servitors?”

I think the prime difference I’d say in my opinion with working with servitors and sigils is that with servitors you can alter the task at any given moment, giving it multiple tasks at a given time. While with a sigil only one task unless you connect multiple sigils and make a hyper sigil.


Now I’ll have to re-read The Invisibles. And it is YOUR fault. So, thank you :smiley:


What’s that?

The only hyper-sigil I know of. It’s a comic book by Grant Morrison. Fascinating read… even if there are reasons to struggle to understand what the hell is going on at some points.

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Oh, I never heard of that lol. I only know of hyper sigils because I made one by having people draw my sigils in their countries and towns and from there I energetically linked them all in a web/unified sigil lol, and I know one person who turned their town into a sigil.


Morrison is a… peculiar man (and amazing writer), so I would advice to read it since it is a good read, regardless of what you think about his magic. Also, he is the reason I got into the occult (while being a hardcore atheist) so I have a soft spot for the guy.

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To include here, as a matter of fact a thoughtform doesn’t need to be obliterated. Witches for a considerable length of time have regularly kept a solid magickal right hand Servitor. Some have even gone through lifetimes with a similar partner. The magickal collaborator must be “nourished” consistently. By “nourished” this implies giving it vitality and proceeding to Program it.

A thoughtform is a little bundle of consolidated mystic vitality. Like all vitality, the thoughtform can be modified to complete explicit assignments as well as coordinated to head out to an objective region. The achievement of the thoughtform is needy upon the quality of the psyche and soul of its maker. A feeble idea structure will rapidly disperse, achieving nothing.

Ground-breaking thoughtforms, when dismissed can unleash devastation. Vitality benefits from vitality and an idea structure that is a little while old will have consumed a wide range of various impacts, feelings and energies from its environment. This may seem diverting to a few, yet the transformed idea structure has regularly been known to return in the district of its maker, just to unleash devastation, because of the outside energies it has gathered. The servitor is programmed when you correspond with the right meditative features.


Should a servitor be given emotions?
I am listening to this mp3 on servitor magick. I don’t know the real name of the guy who made it but it is over on GumRoad.

Anyway, he spoke about creating servitors using the Tree of life model. He mentioned that if you wanted a servitor to have emotions that you would bestow them in Netzach.

Is there an advantage to a servitor with emotions and are emotions actually necessary. Suppose you wanted to feed it with gratitude, wouldn’t the servitor need to know what gratitude is in order to feed on it.
And should servitors be a boy or a girl. Should they have a sex?
Also, the emotion thing? good idea or bad idea or maybe could go either way

(also, he said you needed to feel the emotion in order to bestow it on the servitor) I don’t know if I can feel things strong enough just pretending. Is there anyway around this but they still get emotions? I don’t know if I want it to have emotions but if there is an advantage, would “slightly felt” emotions work)

Servitors can only mimic emotions, but whether they understand them or not is different. Construct servitors are like robots, capable of learning but incapable of understanding emotions from personal experience. Thoughtform servitors are aspects of one or more of your sub personalities+ whatever else you put into it. They are capable of learning and understanding emotions but it’s not their own, rather it’s yours simply copy and pasted along with the sub-personality traits.