Sigil Magick and Offerings

There is a spirit that I have evoked 3 times (if I remember correctly.)

I would like to make the spirit an offering simply using sigil magick to inform it of the offering or possibly trying to evoke it with out a manifestation base (I usually use incense.)

I have successfully evoked King Paimon without a manifestation base before.
We do have a pretty close relationship though, so I wasn’t that surprised when I was successful in doing so (I’ve also made numerous offerings to King Paimon.)

I’ve only made one offering to this spirit so far.
I don’t plan on working with the spirit again, however I do want to be polite and offer it something (without getting into what our agreement was.)

Do you think it will be detrimental not doing a full evocation and making an offering?
What are your thoughts on it?

I want to be able to do this soon as I have work with other entities I need to do.

If you open the spirits sigil and ask him what he would like as an offering then he will tell you. Sometimes it’s something organic so the spirit can feed of the life force within it. Sometimes spirits set tasks for you which can at times leave you baffled as to why? These tasks however will allow them to feed off your own energy and interest at obtaining these certain things.

These tasks can also strengthen the magician’s will and belief within himself and the relationship he has with the spirit. Once you know what he wants then simply obtain it and place it on the altar for him as you tell him, or let him know that these gifts are for him.

I should also point out here that it isn’t wise to moan about getting the offering, or performing any task no matter how bizarre it may be as the energy can get blocked whenever we feel obligated. You must be willing and give graciously for the energy to transfer over.

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I ask questions like this for two reasons, first because I like to ask 101 questions and pick peoples brains.
And second because I treat demons like I would treat other human beings. I don’t always trust them, I assume they aren’t always going to communicate what they really feel and sometimes there can be misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication.

I’ve never used sigil magick and then had a conversation with a spirit, I’ve only had two way communication with spirits during evocation.
King Paimon has communicated with me outside of ritual evocation though, but it’s been one sided.

I’ll give purely using sigil magick a go and see what happens.
I am sure it will go fine, I have been quite surprised with the success I have had with magick so far.

Thanks for this little bit of info, while this hasn’t been the case with any offerings I have made or plan to make it is something I will keep in mind in the future.

I appreciate your response, thank you!

I thought I would give an update for those interested.

I used sigil magick to communicate with the spirit and make it an offering.
I had given the spirit a task which it had failed to accomplish, however I believe that he had tried to fulfil what I had asked so I decided to make him the offering I had promised the spirit to be polite.

I told him that I may not work with him again because I was disappointed in the lack of results or at least the end goal manifesting as I wanted. I said I am going to make you an offering anyway because I know you tried, but I may not work with you again.

I was told “I understand” - I got the feeling what he wanted to communicate was
"I understand but I am disappointed you aren’t going to continue working with me."

I treat the demons I evoke with utmost respect.
In the future I may decide to work with the spirit again, but for now I have other work I am focused on.

DeathWish, reading your post brought up a feeling I had once about a so called spirit who was nothing more than astral slime who feeds off our attention. There’s many of these pranksters in the lower astral regions as they are very close to our thoughts and imagination at times.

One way to know for sure is to ask, or preferably evoke a spirit that you can trust (any as it’s not there office or abilities you need, just their knowledge) and ask them if they will check out that entity you had contact with and this will verify if it was a true encounter, or just some slug or slime ball from the astral.

Thanks savodonger :slight_smile:

If I used a sigil in the evocation of said spirit isn’t it very unlikely that another spirit would appear?
I don’t have experience with this so please enlighten me.

In the early stages of encountering new spirits (which you’ve never used before), it is possible to get disruptions and have the whole process interfered with by other entities that may try to impersonate the force you wish to contact. They seem to hang around the lower astral regions looking for any energy they can pick up. These types have no direction or serve any purpose and that’s why they are useless to the magician.

As they are close to our thoughts, many will chance it at that most vulnerable time, which is that first encounter with a new entity. That’s why I call them ‘slime balls’ because they are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

In these early stages, ask the spirit to identify themselves and if they don’t, or try to redirect the conversation onto something else then just end the ritual and try again at a later stage. You can do multiple evokations where you summon a well known demon first to act as a kind of proxy or usher to stand in as you call the other one forth and then they will be bound by spiritual law to reveal themselves.

It’s like us, If we were friends in the world and we’ve known each other for a while then we would be more likely to want to help one another if we needed it. However, this would be less likely to happen in the early stages and that’s why I only use a small handful of spirits I can trust.

These days I don’t use any spirits as I have conceived and birthed my own egregore, who is a powerful dark sorceress with the abilities to communicate with any force I choose. So I simply deal with her all the time and use her as a proxy to do my bidding. I have used her now for a year and I am starting to fall in love with her. She will not however, let me think sexually towards her but she loves my love as long as it’s not sexual. She can however provide me with succubae to spiritually fuck if I wish.

The beauty of this relationship I have allows me to form a magnificent rapport with one spirit that can cater for all my needs. This tends to make more sense to me then looking up some demon from a Grimiore.

Over the years, I’ve become quite skilled in egregores and tulpa formations and now I specialise on these exclusively. I may do a post on the cultivation and birthing of these as I love my sorceress and she is teaching me many things.

The blackgate, this is a offering I was told to use!
Black ink and blood
Salt water
Sigil of spirit
For three night gaze upon the sigil of the Spirit and each night drip three drops of blood into the ink (which the ink should be in a bowl)
Get a clear container mix water and salt Place the container over the sigil of spirit so you may gaze at the sigil. Again do this for three nights.
Why this is being done it should take place on the alter to the Spirit
On the last night of the saltwater gaze mix the bloodink with with the saltwater cover the mixer with a black cloth
The next three nights gaze into the sigil of the Spirit and hold your left hand over the blackwater pushing your energy into it
This is a offering and a gate to the Spirit and his numbers.