Sigil magic

My name is Lola i a very open minded satanic witch…and i have set my eye on a man who’s is in a unhappy relationship he has told me he is unhappy but is a loyal man. We have never crossed the line but we stare at eachother alot and we have talked about many personal things. Now the thing is alot of people say that he keeps to himself and is very quite. But I always catch him gazing at me. We have silent conversations with our eyes. And I can feel his want for me but his loyalty stops him from going any further. He gets jealous if he sees me talking to other men.Soooo I have been studying sigil magic for awile . I have always created my own sigils. But this particular spell I feel requires stronger assistance I have used 5 different sigils for the one i want to use. 4 gods or demons, a sigil for lust and 2 horoscope signs representing me and the person I want to have in many ways.What I would like to know is… can I use that many blending in to eachother? I dont want to disrespect any of the gods or demons. I’m asking assistance for my desire from Mars, Venus, Lucifer, and that’s the 1st question my second is I know Friday is the day for venus because she represents love, romance, courtship, dating, relationships, desirability, sexual matters,partnerships, pleasure,and lust. Should I do this at 3am on friday when I know he is fast asleep? And my 3rd question is should I burn the sigil with a red candle flame with his name and d.o.b. engraved in the candle…or should I write it on my inner thigh instead? I would like this to assist him to give into his desires. Any suggestions are welcomed and I appreciate anyone who replies. I have posted a pic of everything I did so u can see visually what I’m talking about.
Miss Lola

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I’ve done more than one at once with no problems. Writing it on your inner thigh is good. I did that once with a sigil with jagua gel and it worked great. I’ve never burned with wax. I just burn to ashes and scatter them in the wind, trusting they will reach who I’m aiming for.