Sigil Magic

I was thinking of something that could charge the same sigil many times or even infinitely. It just came out of nowhere this morning and I wasn’t actually thinking of anything when it came.

Charging one sigil infinite times:

Whatever your intent is, make it into a sigil.

Place between two mirrors your sigil and you. It should look like you and the sigil are infinitely going down which is the effect of the two mirrors.

Use whatever method you use to charge or open a sigil. It should be done now.

It is symbolic, but then again could hold more power in it because you are simultaneously projected infinitely when in the mirror so it makes sense.

Another way:

Requires a magnifying glass
You might also want someone to be holding the magnifying glass at the time.

This also came through random inspiration from learning about the yogic solar science.

A magnifying glass collects all of the sun’s rays and focuses them together into one white beam of light. This beam of light can make whatever your desire come true with intent.

Make your sigil

Stand out in the sunlight and make sure someone or something is holding the magnifying glass over the middle of the sigil. Gaze at the point of the sunlight and at the same time, pour your desire into it. You will know it is charged when the fire moves through all of the ink of the sigil. It is done then.

Healing sigil:

Another inspiration from the Yogic solar sciences

Have a bottle of water and add food coloring in it. The color has to correspond to the color of the chakras. In this case, you can do the ajna chakra without putting any food coloring in it because the chakra is clear.

The colors basically depends on where the illness is. Once you put the food coloring in, leave the water in the sun for at least 29 hours. When there is no sun, you have to cover the bottle with a towel so no moonlight comes in it.

You’ll know when it is ready to be used because the colors would look darker in the water.

You can also drink it too and it would have the same effects plus it still tastes like regular water, but this is if you’re doing it for someone else.

Place water charged with sunlight into some kind of container you can store.

Charge your sigil with your healing intent or desire and drop it in the water. Let it soak in the moonlight. Moonlight is magnetic so it should help with the effects of making it faster and more effective.

I don’t know where this info came from once again.

Sounds very intriguing, will have to give it a try myself.

How novel! Has anyone tried any of these yet?