Sigil magic, Bathin

Hi every one, I have prepared my first sigil. It is for Bathin, I really need her/his help to teleport. I plan on following the steps in the morning. Please look at my sigil and tell me if it is correct. And any tips are welcome please.


Biggest tip I have is don’t get caught up in the ritual. Let yourself move freely


Thank you, I don’t even know the ritual. I was going to follow EAs opening sigil steps. Should I do something else?

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Some meditation with intent to hear will help when evoking. All you need is to do a breathing exercise perhaps, allow yourself to relax, have your will set on a goal. Chant the entities name, sway, get immersed in it etc, more likely than not it will help. Do a little homework on the entity try to find information of it, alternative names (imo)


Ok so I have tried 2 times and nothing happened…:cry::disappointed_relieved::sleepy::cry::disappointed_relieved::sweat::sob::sob::sob::sob: am I doing something wrong? Or am I expecting too much?

Don’t try to rush it. It takes time. Continue meditating on the sigil. Take note of whatever feelings or impressions you receive. Be wary of voices, noises, and thoughts that are not your own. From this, you will get the information that Bathin is trying to give you. Have a pad and pen ready!

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Goetia hardly work in first time. Give 3 weeks. Otherwise move on. To pick another gowtic sprt or stile

I see, thanks