Sigil magic and symbols

Again am unsure where to post this as have been trying to learn how to use sigils and symbols. Now I know some things are just for show when I see but have read and been told the use of these can be a powerful way to call on spirits and demons as well as using enns. I have also been warned to not put sigils on your body to protect against possession as well.So my question is there any symbol or sigil more powerful than the next. I have seen where someone has a pentagram on them and a few who have the brimstone on their forehead and such. Is this more for show or can they be used to help in a summoning.

I don’t know much about the power of one sigil being more than another, I do use sigils but they’re common ones that can be found with a google search. Although with personal sigils I do feel the connection is stronger. I may be wrong though.

I haven’t heard about drawing sigils to cause unwanted possessions, cause any unwanted possession is a red flag imo. It can however, make invocation easy or so I’ve heard. I think it was in EA’s videos or someone else’s. I’ve slept with sigils drawn on me and I either get very vivid dreams or I sleep like a pig, no in between. I usually do dream work with sigils (haven’t done it in some time though) but sigils are powerful. The more you charge them and fill it with intent, the stronger the affect.

Just get Saturn sigil and stare at it without blinking untill vibrates, then you can either build the entity out of smoke or literally have a astral encounter and go have tea.

why Saturn?

Because they wanted to post something without any real context or reason given. Nonsense. For example, I don’t respond to Saturnian currents the same way I do do others.

So saying it’s “more powerful” for me, who knows better about my reactions and has experience with different ones, this would make no sense. Plutonian or Mercurial forces, yes. Saturnian, soundly no.

It’s something one has to experience by having a variety of experiences.

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Sigils and symbols are aids. Some people respond to different ones differently. Most spirits I work with heavily don’t even have them.

If I need to call Belial, I don’t need his sigil. I know the signature. The sigil is the starting point. While you can focus on different aspects of an entity that has several, having a relationship with that entity can get you more than calling in a specific aspect (when another unknown one may be better), as they can choose how best to go about it.


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The source, a whirlpool. That is about as far back as I know of.