Sigil in my Head

I tried to Astral Project and Failed.
But a Sigil Appear in my Head.

That Thing Below is a Moon.
Could someone that is better Psychic than i Say if is a Succubus that
i summoned?.
Or from Which Entity is?.
Or is my Imagination from
Trying Lucifer and Naamah Sigils?:

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Iā€™m not clear what you mean? Can you go into more detail about what you were doing?

I mean, trying to astral project and summoning (do you mean evoking or invoking?) are different things. Why would you expect to evoke an entity when you were working on astral projecting?

That sigil is reminiscent of the Asian Lucifer sigil commonly used for him. My guess is, whatever you were doing you did attract his attention and he was letting you know he was there.

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maybe lord lucifer was interested in the method he was trying to

When i tried to Astral Project i asked Naamah to pull me out of my Body.
I received that Sigil instead.
I also after a going to the Bath i viewed the Hands and Hair and Shoulders
of one Succubus i tried to summon,in my mind eye but
the Sigil look Generic to me.