Sigil help?

Is it possible to find a computer program in which one can embed Sigils into these
weird Optical illusion thing??

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Search google for graphics software to create stereograms

Does that say the truth can be hard to find???

The truth can be hard to see

I doubt there’s a pre-made filter for this kind of thing, you’d probably want a proper graphic design tool like Photoshop or Corel Xara.

I’m not a graphics expert, so don’t know off the top of my head how to merge the text and the line drawing myself, but i I had to try to do this I’d expect it’s via a combination of operations, like havin the greyscale line drawing with a transparent background, the darker text in another layer on top, then using the line as a mask to subtract the colour in between the lines, then finally the export to a pixelated format would add the aliasing.

(It’s made by the pixelated lines in the image being slightly darker and thicker where the text is)