Sigil gazing, glasses or no glasses

Hello, for some time now i have been trying to open sigils, but i have some problems. If i look at the sigil, and relax myself i will start to see part of the sigil blink and disappear, but not only the sigil but the paper to. This does not feel right cause if i move my gaze, even a little, the sigil comes back as before. This feels more like my eyes are straining to create a blind spot where i’m looking.

So for you who have eye problems and where glasses, do you take them off when doing sigil magick, or can you relax your eyes with your glasses?

When you gaze at a sigil where should your gaze be fixed, on the paper or on the air above the paper?
Thanks for all your help

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from what you wrote there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you are gazing…just trust yourself a little more. this is not rocket science 101, there is no fixed point on the sigil or paper to gaze at. allow yourself to fall inside it.

Thanks for your reply, good to know that i’m on the right track.

I have better results opening a sigil with my glasses on. Without them, everything goes blurry and I can’t tell if the sigil is opened or not.

I take mine off and hold the sigil so its just beginning to blur. My vision is 20 : 850, so its fairly close to my face. Then I can make it out just fine, but know that I MUST relax my eyes, which relaxes the rest of me. The colors surrounding it change, pop, and darken until its high contrast. Once I have the after-image flashing, I hold it so the flame ignites the center in all these crazy colors. Then, drop it into my metal salt bowl so my fingers aren’t blackened. The after-image I can use, if it starts to fade, I gently refocus and bring it back.

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Instead of holding the sigil try placing it against a picture frame and see if that helps. Also sigils open for me much faster when I draw them directly in the center of a whole sheet of paper and have it close enough I can not see anything but the paper as a background it helps me to focus and get the sigil flashing faster.

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