Sigil for YouTube image?

Hello everybody! So Im a musician, Composer specifically and I just started my YouTube channel too. The debut track is going “well” but I want to do better than that. So I was thinking to choose a Sigil or something for one or both of the images that the channel has, to bring me big more luck and love for my music,which means audience, fans and income.
I have read that Sigils can be charged from other people too, so for me this a good chance to have a lot of people charging it. If it could be something that IS a Sigil but don’t look exactly like one, it would be better.:stuck_out_tongue: You know a lot of people going crazy nowadays with the artists and they want to make everybody a satanist / illuminati etc and I don’t want to give causes for conspiracies at this stage.:thinking:
So thank you for reading this and I’m waiting to hear your ideas.


Any specific being in mind??

Regarding the Symbol,
you can alter a Sigil,
embed it into another Picture,
or formulate a new Sigil.

If i was you,
I’d try to come up with a Personal Magician Sigil,
for the beginning,
and set your intend into it,
to collect the Energy from your viewers,
to feed your Mana-Pool.

At the same time,
having it take a bit of that Energy,
and using it to increase the magnetic pull,
that collects attention,
and brings you more people as listeners.

Simply look up Sigil Creation,
it’s a common topic,
both on Balg,
and on Youtube. :wink:




Thank you for your answer. The problem is that I don’t know how to take it from drawing and take it to a good designed picture. Also I don’t have something specific in my mind, I just want it to do the job and don’t give causes for conspiracy theories. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You may use Austin Osman"s method .

Very easy; and you can do it. Just chaarging it may need some real effort ( if you are familiar with meditation that will be a bonus if not try to concentrate waht you wish think only in a postive way, just good things do your best, and then the rest will come out.

Apart from that you may ask help from Daimons to shed light on your way to fame.


The last thing you said is something that I’m really considering, but Im just working on the projects now. For the Sigils, I know how to make one. But I don’t know how to take it from drawing and turn it to a real picture that looks like an image or something. It’s a YouTube channel, It got to look something better than a drawing with my hand.

First of all you do not need to draw it by your hand ( hand drawing may seem better for energy transfer but you’ll do it anyway with your gaze), so you may use a computer; even an existing picture will do and with the help of a software like photoshop or something similar, you may just blend the layers of your ideal youtube image and your success sigil. ( either by decreasing the opacity or converting its first to a smart object thern minimizing its size, there are many ways to do it)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Everything helps and thank you. For the first step I will draw something nice with my hand. Then I don’t know how to use photoshops etc,so I hope I will find a way or someone who can take the Sigil and turn it to an image. I know there is a lot of good ways out there.

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Do a google search on logo design. If you draw up an image you like, you can have someone create it with graphic design software. They can incorperate the sigil without it looking like a sigil.

If i remember correctly they will draw up 3 different design and you can pick the one the resonates the most.

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Thank you, I will take a look at it.