Sigil for godself?

How is it possible to find your godself sigil?
I was just reading a post about getting a spirits sigil tattooed. Would be quite awsome if you could tattoo your own sigil on to your skin…
Any ideas would be great.


Two ways. Contact your godform and ASK, or, make your own.

Found mine in the void he just gave it to me.
Quiet recently actually.


Kundalini to the crown chakra

Already done lol

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What did it feel like? What is it like having opened up the channels to your Atman?

Honestly it feels amazing,
Lets speak in private message.

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can I pm you about this as well? I wish to learn how to make a sigil for my godform too

Godself or Godform is an active practice not something you inherently have.

oh, I was under the impression that Godform was the same as your higher self. The primal base of one’s being

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Higher self is the entity your soul stems from it is both a part of you and separate from you. Atleast in some views it can deny or allow things pertaining to your life.

Godform is a deity you immerse yourself in their energy.

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