Sigil for Enhancing your Powers of Dream Magick

Here is another sigil for enhancing your magickal power. This sigil is made in the image of a dream catcher and is moving. Within the circle is the all-seeing eye. This eye represents knowing and illumination. There are triangles which shift and rotate behind the eye. As the triangles move they create configurations which open portals between worlds. Crystals hang from the circle representing the storage of dreams and the solidification of the dreaming experience.


  1. You shall see your dreams.
  2. You shall remember your dreams.
  3. For information and dreaming experiences to travel to you.
  4. For dream-time to become a time of day in which you can do your magickal workings as well.

Good luck!

Sigil inspired by this thread: Dream Magick.


I like it!! Great work!!

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Iā€™d like to hear the experiences with this.