Sigil Flashing What Am I Looking For

When Trying To Open A Sigil I Sometimes see little lines appearing of the drawn lines and they seem to make a circle around the sigil each line highlighting sort of like seeing a double image. its like a little yellow flash. i dont know what im doing. after opening the sigil how do you program it in a spell.Im trying to open the sigil of LADILOK Currently and MARTAL. Do you just slightly think of your goal in your head or do you have to go into deap medidtation to program the sigil.

Make a statement of intent (for Martal): Martal, Grand Demon of the First Kingdom of Flames, you have been called into this Temple and I welcome you! Deliver upon me Initiation into Black Magick and power! Guide my hands and body to avenues of power!

Something like that. In “Works of Darkness”, the accompanying visualization for Martal was seeing yourself encompassed by a blue sphere with obscured entities watching and waiting for your command.

Do something to that effect and play with it. Don’t follow grimoires to the letter, always improvise and follow your intuition.

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