Sigil drawing sucks

Newbie question here. I’m interested in a few sigils and wanted to hand draw them. However, I’m horrific at drawing. I’m a little worried that my lack of artistic drawing will effect the potential of the sigils. Has else had difficulties with drawing them?

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Well you can draw or you can’t. I’m terrible at it too. But sometimes I draw and sometimes I print.
When I try, something pretty cool came out on the Sigil of Samael.

There are some option.

  1. Print, then overdraw it with another paper
  2. Just print and use. Works fine
  3. Or draw and focus on intend. It’s not the bad drawing that interferes it’s your intend. If your intend is to evoke the spirit than this will happen. With Sigil, without Sigil. With your own, not so nice drawn Sigil. Don’t over worry. They won’t be offended and they like if you try.

I take @Borgy’s first option and go old-school and produce my sigils with tracing paper.

That way I get some degree of accuracy without stress but I feel like I have made a bit of an effort with the Spirit.

Do I get a special badge for managing to smuggle in a youtube video of a cute cat onto a LHP forum? No?? :grinning:


I print mine mostly, I have a stash of duplicates that I can use in a pinch. But also learning to draw them from memory should be a goal to deepen the relationship. I do that when i’m outside hiking and want to talk to them.
Don’t worry so much about perfection, what the hand messes up the heart fills in :slight_smile:


Thank you all!
I just posted about my attempt at drawing the sigil anyway in another post.
I attempted to put all my intent and effort into it, but I certainly want to try tracing next time lol

Perhaps you may get simpler versions by sigilizing the spirit names with chaos or rosecross methods, alternatively memorize and visualize a “classic” seal or dynamize one after having printed it: imagine a little flame at the tip of your index finger and follow the sigil’s lines.