Sigil disposal

Just curious how everyone disposes of sigils after a work. Say for instance I was casting and called upon an entity and used a paper sigil consecrated with blood or sexual fluid. After the work how would you dispose? I almost feel it’s disrespectful to burn it but you wouldn’t need to keep it. Just curious how everyone else does it.

@AradiaX I wrap it in black cloth and break with force

Burning it is fine. It’s like sending it to the Universe. You may say a prayer or recite a chant while burning it.

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Depends on the situation, If it’s a one and done type deal , or where i won’t be calling the spirit again for a while I usually leave an offering a burn the sigil while giving a few words of thanks. If it’s a spirit I call upon often, or the sigils of the 4 quarters I use for more elaborate temple openings, I use tin foil.