Sigil differences...If one were to pick one of these, which should they draw?

Just for example, let’s see here King Belial. The first picture of his sigil is from “72 Demons of Magick” by Gordon Winterfield. Second picture is the usual one found mostly everywhere. They’re very different. Anyone have thoughts on this? @DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva ?

I should also note other sigils from the book seem different than the ones found all over the internet. Are the seals from this book actually the original true seals? I’m somewhat confused.


I ask him to flash the 2nd traditional sigil to ID if there’s a situation where I need to verify his ID, but others have said he prefer the Dukante sigil, which is different again.

I suppose using the oldest one (2nd there) would be a start, then ask him what he prefers.

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I see. So there’s actually three different sigils I’ve just seen. Interesting. Dukante sigils I think are from demonolatry, not too sure.

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