Sigil Cosmetics & Spiritual Makeup

Hi sorry I don’t know where exactly to post this question but I figured since this was art I would start here. Anyway my wife and I are starting a makeup pallet with sigues form the lesser keys of Solomon and each shade corresponding to each demon , honoring each of them and hoping it would appeal to others as well. Any ideas and is this something you would buy or see it being a success?

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I would. I’m a fan of palettes with themes. Kat Von D’s ‘Saint and Sinner’ and ‘La Vida Loca’ were the best, and I could see this being on the same scale. I’d rather see the Goetia as I’m not a fan of the Solomonic method, but 72 shades is a lot… releasing in a series similar to Urban Decay’s Vice 1 though 4 and reloaded would make it more affordable, and a more convenient size.

Pretty please consider putting a black, a highlight and a transition shade in each? :smiley: Sure, I have my MUG singles but a well considered transition shade that matches the palette is sublime.

I think this is worth it’s own thread - would you agree @Lady_Eva?

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Sure, not least because I want to avoid any art featuring diarrhea :face_vomiting: :stuck_out_tongue: - @Skyreaper90 you okay with that? I want to check, rather than shove your post above into the spotlight, and let me know if there’s a title you prefer.

It’s definitely worth its own thread. :+1:

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@lady_eva sorry for the late reply, yes Im ok with it thank you all for taking the time and making it its own thing, as far as title any suggestions. Does spiritual makeup work? Lol or sigil them makeup?

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Thanks so much for your input we will def take all and any suggestions and requests and I agree with the goetia versión as well!

I added “Cosmetics” so no-one thinks “makeup” = make up with ex = the dread “get my ex back” spell request! :smiley: