Sigil combined with goetic sigils

I saw someone mention on this forum about the amazing powers behind creating a sigil and combining it with the sigil of a goetic demon of your choice. For example to make someone love or lust for you, creating a sigil with that intention (why is …… …… so obsessed with me) and infusing it with that of a demon who already specialises in that can be extremely powerful. I’m confused as to how to do that, can someone point me in the right direction. Thank you!

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Draw the demons sigil in a color you can write over (such as red).

Open it.

Draw the sigil you’re trying to cast over the demons sigil in a darker color so it’s super imposed.

Now gaze into the sigil(s) while you charge the one on top and picture and visualize your intent and outcome.

You might speak to the demon as you do this.

Then you might hold onto it or burn it depending on your preferred method for sigil casting.

This is a good way to do petitions too…(with your petition being written over the spirits sigil).

At least, that’s how I’d probably go about it…


Thank you so much, I’m gonna give this a try real soon. Have you any personal experience with this if so please tell me I’m really curious to know as this method is new to me and seems extremely practical!