Sigil charging method

So this is a method of charging sigils that arose as a result of combining methods i was using and one another from the facebook group shared. Felt those who wanna explore it may find it of use. It is a bit lengthy but the results have been pretty good. It can also be integrated with the lamps of fate.

1.Begin by peering into drugaskan.
2.Recite the RAWNUHA
3.Place the sigil on the seal of Arezura
4.Preform ignition of the black sun.
5.Consecrate the sigil
6.Recite the litinay of the Black sun with the intent of empowering the sigil.

.“I now ask Ahriman the black dragon of becoming, empower this sigil with your might, engulf it with blacken fire and activate it according to my own divine will. Envelope it with eternal darkness as it sits upon the blackened earth, blossoming as a toxic plant from the seed I have sown.’

7.Recite the litiany that aligns best with your goal.
8.Blood the sigil.
9.Place the sigil and seal on the alter for 3 to 7 days or number aligned with the operation.
10.Recite an affirmation of your will come to pass. The one at the end of the ignition of the black sun works fine for this.
11. Close the rite with the Uhov Mehsa.
12. After time of charging is done recite the Rawnuha and light the lamps of domar and dehak.
13.preform the Ignition of the black sun, upon the recitation of the last passage ignite the sigil on the right lamp weaving your will into the fabric of reality.
14. Close the rite with the Uhov mehsa

Enjoy. :grin:

Edit.fixed a brain fart. :laughing:
Edit. Adding stateman made with orginal post as symbolism is provong relevant ti current works dn may be of use to others.


Very good! You are making great progress on the sorcerous path. This is great. This is where artistic self expression is harnessed to create your own methods while producing synergy.
This IS a bit laborious but it WILL work for a couple of reasons. First the amount of dark staot will heavily charge the sigil and activate them with intent. Second the labor itself shows devotion to the work alone which will help with detachment. Well done!


This method was that came about from discussion and mediations on things that came up on the facebook group and is specific to the methods in black magick of ahriman. If you are not using that system then the context won’t make any sense. If you are using bmoa then just follow the steps above. Also @Elhbeh I’m not sure where you got this :point_down: from but it wasn’t this post.


That is a seperate subject altogether that I’m guessing your meaning to address to @KurtisJoseph. You can create a topic for questions like this as not to derail this thread.

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thank you for reply, I’m new on the fourm.

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