Sigil charging and burning

About 2 weeks ago I opened Dra’talon’s sigil from BoA and made my petition to him and I put my blood on it also but I was just reading-watching one of EA’s videos and it was mentioned that I should burn the sigil during the ritual. My question is can I still burn it 2 weeks later(l kept it) or should I re do the whole ritual?


Matter for you, isn’t it?
If using then keep. If not, then use. After that feel free to burn. Or don’t wait and burn now.
I assume you’re actually referring to a Seal.



You can burn it whenever you want! Burning it during the ritual resembles letting go!

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Some sigils you burn during the ritual, some you burn after the task or pathworking is completed, and some you may keep.

For my own work, the first 2 scenarios depend on what intelligence or entity I’m contacting, the terms agreed upon, and the duration of the task. But the last scenario, where I keep the sigil is usually reserved for spirits that I’m working with closely like a teacher. In that circumstance the sigil is made out of something a little more tougher to destroy like metal, wood, etc. For example, I have a fully hand painted sigils made out of wood for Lucifer and Lilith.

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I’ve done this ritual so I know what you’re talking about. It could have been burned as part of the ritual, and I believe the purpose was to help strengthen the evocation, but I don’t think you have to redo it just for that.

The question is, is it still open and do you want it to be? You could do a mini ritual to thank Dra’talon and burn it to close it. Or you can close it by will and save it to reopen of for more work with Dra’talon later if you like. It’s your magik, and magik is personal, after all.

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