Sigil Artwork (and other badass functional magickal artistry)

Oh yeah - I know the talent’s out there. I’ve seen a few people post some pretty cool art already. Being an artist myself and having a love for really well done artistic sigils, I wanted to open a thread for some community sigil artistry :slight_smile:

I think I’ll get it started with Amaymon’s sigil I just did last night in Photoshop. I’m going to keep on posting them too. I have a bunch I need to get scanned as well.
So please - feel free to bake up whatever artistic sigil / magick squares / seals / or any other type of functionally magickal artwork and share it with us here. I love art, and I would love to see a thread 12 miles long, full of bad ass community artwork! :slight_smile:

As I promised - not the most exquisite sigil artwork in the world, nevertheless, I really dig on it, hope you guys do too :slight_smile:


That is absolutely GORGEOUS! That’s not just art, its JEWELRY!!!

EDIT I want one! In Pewter, please!

Quite beautiful!
I didn’t know it could be done with Photoshop. That’s real artistic talent! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome DK! Love it.

I paint, and actually do quite a bit of sigil and personal talisman art but they are usually destroyed in ritual sacrifice after.

Not quite along the same lines, but here’s a painting I did for a Rosicrucian called “Illumination”, it was magically charged to be a force of illumination.

Edited to add: after I signed this, I found a tree that had been struck by lightning and harvested wood from it for the frame. Turned out pretty cool, and the thing vibrates. lol

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Completely stunning! that painting is an inspiring masterpiece RidgeRunner!

Is that oil on canvas?

Woah!! That is insane, RidgeRunner! Excellent.

Thank you! Renegade34, it is a mixture of oil and acrylic on canvas. First time I combined the two, I was pleased with the results.

Ridge Runner,

That is absolutely beautiful! I hope you are selling your work.

@DK - very cool. Love the background. It really makes that sigil pop.

Beautiful and amazing!
Have you thought of selling charged paintings? I hear a well charged painting can go for quite a bit. In fact, my good buddy Franz Bardon mentioned painting imaged of people who would literally “come to life” in the painting. Have you created any such artwork?

[quote=“DK The Mage, post:9, topic:309”]RidgeRunner!
Beautiful and amazing!
Have you thought of selling charged paintings? I hear a well charged painting can go for quite a bit. In fact, my good buddy Franz Bardon mentioned painting imaged of people who would literally “come to life” in the painting. Have you created any such artwork?[/quote]

I have painted things that I think are like what you’re describing… Some charged abstracts and landscapes that the recipients say move around. Probably not on the level of the work you’re speaking of with Mr. Bardon though. I do commissions sometimes but I hadn’t thought of selling charged paintings specifically. Didn’t realize there would be a market for this type of art! Hmm…

There’s definitely a market, you just have to know where to sell I guess. heh, probably not going to do too well in a hair salon or what not, but I bet you’d get some bites in a few yoga studios, art festivals, etc. :slight_smile:

Do you have a website or somewhere online where your other artwork can be viewed, RidgeRunner?

DK, who the hell are you?! It’s amazing what you keep coming up with; I envy your numerous skills, bro.

Ridgerunner, I love that painting, it’s awesome and the illumination jumpes out of it. It’s alive, I totally agree with that.
Like DK said, there is a market for charged paintings, and I think not only some specific businesses would be interested; I for one would like to have such a piece of art in my Temple

DK - I’ll have to look into that. :slight_smile:

PyreOD - I don’t, been thinking of putting one up but haven’t yet.

Bran - thank you!

hehe - I think I’m just crazy - too many speedballs in my day :stuck_out_tongue:
But thank you, I appreciate that :slight_smile:
However - don’t discount yourself man, you’ve made some pretty inspiring and intriguing posts yourself my friend :wink: Not to mention your near mastery of English as a second language. I know you don’t think you’ve got it - but bro, you’ve got it down better than most native English speakers, and English ain’t no cakewalk.

Thanks DK :slight_smile:

It’s true that I have doubts about myself at times, and not only when it comes to my English skills. I sometimes also doubt my magickal skills. But I know where that’s coming from. And I have to say,… my selfesteem is in the lift ever since I am active on this board. Few of you can notice it, but I have had a lot of confirmations since I got here. I love it!

To give this thread a bump - here are a few more.

Here’s the Illumination painting with the frame I made by attaching branches harvested from a lightning struck tree to a regular frame with silver wire. The lightning wood branches were charged too of course. There’s a bad glare on the pic, I’m not a good photographer lol.

A spirit horse done for someone who claimed a strong affinity with horses. However the painting is now shut away in a closet in her house because she says it gave her whole family nightmares. It’s a fuggin ‘night mare’ so… sigh oh well.

On the lighter side - during a meditation session on a beach in the gulf coast I hit a point where I crossed over that threshhold where the colors of the world seem to change and there are astral signs visible everywhere. I came home after and painting this to remind me, it’s a great tool to help take me back to that crossing over point quicker.

Now I know we’ve got to have more artists here than me and DK, I’d like to see some other member’s art! :slight_smile:

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Wow! Beautiful Ridge!
I’m working on a watercolor I’ll share when it’s done. But wow - heh - I LOVE the spirit horse, that’s an amazing painting. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Great work! I still love the lightning one. Just something about the lighting effects. Very cool!

Ha, love the ‘night mare’.
I draw as well but i haven’t really done anything talismanic or magically functional yet.