Siete Rayo

I’m publicly thanking Siete Rayo. He’s the spirit that I can always count on.

what is he known for?

Siete Rayo is like Chango in Ocha but he’s Siet Rayo in palo. They are very alike. He is what my godfathers is a child of. I was scratched on his pot. In a child of sarabanda. But Siets Rayo gives me what ever I ask for. I like at him like my father. My Godfather always says it’s really strange how his pot will do what ever I ask. He said it’s not like that with his other godchildren. But he’s a great spirit. They all are. But he always looks out for me.

Hes one of the last spirits who spoke to me in Palo. I suppose I owe him a thanks as well :wink:

This is Why I fuckin Love Palo. I love playing drums to the Muerto singing with my Godbrothers to the Pots. I Palo deunning is called a tokae. its fuckin intense. You all sing together at the druming. Its different then an ocha drumming, in ocha just the drummers sing. in Palo its 2 parts to the the song. you main singer sings then you sing, its made to be intercative

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Indeed Palo is a bit more intense then Ifa and aggressive as well }:slight_smile: Nsasi got the right temperature fa shelter you from the storm hahahahaha