Sidragosum - sigil

Does anyone have the sigil of Infernal from Grimorium Verum called Sidragosum?

Who is it? I may be interested as well as a newcomer to demonolatry. Is it the top dog?

He is from Grimorium Verum

This guy claims to have evoked the entity successfully,

He may have a sigil. It states it is Saturnian in nature, so perhaps the angel of Saturns sigil can be used in place? Its often stated the sigil is not required, maybe this is a good way too ascertain that suggestion.

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He does not have a sigil in the Grimorium Verum, and I would say he does not need one, but if you wished you would contact him by his name and ask him to show you a sigil in your mind for personal use. Setting your intention clearly is more important than having a sigil.

Otherwise you can use the methods in that book to enlist his help … which means doing the preparation piece for 3 days and then using the invocation provided to call the intermediate first, Scirlin. He has no sigil either, so, also by name. Scirlin will fetch Sidragosam for you, kind of like how Papa Legba is the one you contact first for the Lwa.

Ah, and just in case this sounded fun and you didn’t know it’s baneful magick designed to harm…

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I don’t know why you quote Grimorium Verum. It’s logical that I read about this Spirit from this book. I didn’t find His seal in this grimoire so I thought about asking in this forum for help, hoping someone in here has experience with Him.

Mulberry just stated that not only is there a middle man involved, you need to set intent to get the sigil, contact the demon and ask for the sigil. I think thats what was said.
If there is no sigil, others probably had to do the same and burned the sigil afterward as common practice.
My opinion anyway, I really have no idea on how to do all this beyond the basic concept.

I only see his seal on 2 foreign books,he used to actract girls,and come the person ready to ,have sex,he’s invocated whit philatius or something similar under 2 more spirts, to be done for 7 days ritual,the dancing naked is been around 1987, print ,but no fully translated,wonder why,?

Making girls dance, nude…noice!