Side effects?

How does working with demons change your aura and your personality? I’m asking because I’m working with demons and people say I’m changing. They say I’m more stand-offish, feel a dark aura around me, don’t talk as much, and even said the devil was working on me. I feel like I’m a much more serious and colder person, and don’t smile as much. I think I’m staring to affect my friends and family too. They found some sigils in my room and were asking about them in a worried manner. I luckily had a shirt with one of the sigils and told them I just drew them because I though they were cool. I think I cleared that up. Anyways is this normal?

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I find it’s actually made me a lot happier. I love this path!

But it’s possible you might just be working through some stuff, and the demons you’re working with are bringing that to the forefront.

But in WoD E.A. does talk about having a dark aura/energy as a result of working with darkness. Not that this will necessarily affect your emotions, but that others would be able to sense it from you.

In my relations with others, I’d say I just don’t allow myself to be walked all over so much. I don’t do what I don’t want to do.


You will naturally become like those you spend time with.

In Works of Darkness, EA talks about how he started to look down on the people around him, and considered them weak and inferior, after some intense work with the demonic. He also found that when he had the need to call upon an angel, the whole thing felt unnatural to him because of the change in energies.

If you are worried about it, balance the energies out with some angelic or elemental work.


i went to church after once since i been working with demons and it was weird they kept trying to pray for me n i wanted to laugh then my head was hurting the entire time n nothing they preached made sense it was a horrible experiance my head killed so bad i had to step out…anyway i can understand your concerns i see alot of changes in myself
i find my self more drawn to the darkness n things that would have scared me before dont i feel more confident and not as insecure n i started to stick op for my self n im able to control my out burst of anger even more i still worry but not as much n im able to make plans n stick to them the way i speak is slowly changing my thoughts my mind seems to be more focused then before for me i see huge changes n i mean huge changes in personality

in any case we all change one way or another but changes in our selves come a lot faster on this path then for the ppl who aren’t when we do this we spend time basking in their energy and it kind does rub off on us our energy in its self darkens more and we become aware of things we never did before its like our eyes opening
i say honestly embrace these changes in your self it just means who ever your working with is bringing the you you need to be forward cold stand offish ppl turn out to be the best observers and good judge of characters n best with following instinct…but if you feel troubled about i agree to call on an angle and balance your self out in a natural sense and do some cleansing i know that helps at times to


It definately changes your aura and the energy you give off. But I would say it’s entirely dependent on you. Are you just soaking in anything because you work with a spirit or are you learning from them and building onto yourself?

Your own energy should be changing and evolving because the point is for YOU to ascend, not to be like any other entity, spirit, person. Just be mindful.

Also, invoking is great because you take on their essence over a period of time while you’re doing it. My experience with it has opened parts of my mind that were closed off and helped me further myself. Definitely beneficial.