Side effects of astral sex

The morning after, what goes on to your astral body?


Enhancements if anything.

When having relations with a succubus/incubus you can have a curious feeling like sunburn on your body, not painful at all, sort of like when you get sunburn and before it goes painful. Cause they play with your nerves and electric currents or something.


Astral sex isn’t as generic and basic as most human sex, so there can be all kinds of effects, from attunement, healing, or vapirisimn (either way), to actual impregnation, and more.


I would say most of the time attunment you feel a connection to the partner. Similar feeling to invocation Especially if it is a powerful spirit there is a lingering effect of energy.


Impregnation? Really? Do the babies go to full term? This is very interesting.

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Oh wait! In the astral there’s impregnation. Sorry, I’m a dork!

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