Hey guys,

Today I reached Siddhi in the Kleem mantra and since this morning I have huge amounts of energy floating into my solar plexus any ideas what that means?


Isn’t that what you wanted to have happen?

How long did that take u ?

The kleem mantra is used for attraction work, so it makes sense that the heart center is stimulated but maybe some people here have some more insight.

A couple of hours

:thinking: isn’t it that shiddi requires for it to be chanted 100k + times ? You did that in a few hours ?

depends on the mantra some just require 10.000

It also depends on the tradition that you follow but considering that you have to do it in one setting made 100k unrealistic and I got an effect by doing 10k, but try stuff out yourself :slight_smile:

Yea . I read that kleem requires 100 k chants … Yea 100k in one sitting is not possible . I used to do 1 mala in one sitting for a month until I just couldn’t focus correctly . I had to take a break.

Where did you read the 100k I only found 10k lol

Some YouTube channel I think.
I think you shud use all that energy and put it in a spell to help get what u want .

Okay thank you, I have read that the energy remains in you once you’ve chanted it 10k and that you can use it whenever you want

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According to baal kadmon books he said chanting it 10k times you can achieve a sidhi but on some books i saw several written by indians you need to recite it 127,000 times to get a sidhi but also they encourage 108 recitation each day for 40 days its also quite effective.

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Interesting thank you, I feel 10k was enough for me

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Great achievement!

Belial says It ultimately depends on how powerful your mantra is. 10k could even be a high end number in some people. Other times it could be 127k. Depends on what you want and how powerful the mantra is.

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