Siddhi and psychic powers

Hi EA, i was wondering what are your thoughts on the siddhi powers of yogis and do you know how to achieve them? how far can it go because you once said that we have to work within reality, i hear constantly that things like levitation, telekinesis, shape shifting, teleportation, and the others. all in all, what are your views, and instructions on how to attain the siddhis, are they more potent then evocation and soul travel?

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@Supernatual EA talks about force choking someone Darth Vader style in a recent video. He has in other videos talked about manifesting objects from thin air. Someone who spoke in one of his podcasts talked about opening PHYSICAL sinkholes. In my opinion “work within reality” only means that you have to recognize your current abilities. It does not mean that these things are impossible.

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I’d like to see this video, can you send a link?

Force Choke:


Manifesting Physical Objects:


Niceeee!! Thanks

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