Siconyte speaks


nobody is trying to keep you from feeling like an angsty teenager, dont worry. We are trying to give actual advice on non magical realistic things to do. Feeding a problem with negativity doesnt help.


I don’t like to be among people as well, honestly most of them are just shallow shells and nothing more. But I do accept there are some exceptions. It is my choice if I want to be around them or not and when. That, of course, is not appreciated by most (I suppose they feel used) so my friends are very few. Not that I care what the majority has to say, so I make my own space in this world and I learned to co-exist. For me. Not for them.

You know…not everything we see is a wasp. Sometimes between the wasps there are some honey bees and we just shove them all away because we’re not capable to regognize them. Either because we don’t know the differences, or because we panic in fear that we will be stung.

You don’t have to go out there right now and make 10 friends, but go for hiking, try painting something, sculpture, anything that might seem even the slightest interesting. And who knows, maybe at the end you’ll get a new hobby that relaxes you to add in your daily life.


Lets get this clear I ain’t no angsty teenager. How about that fact I am on a cheap ass version of Earth? There is a lot more I could reveal if I honestly care.

These ‘humans’ are arrogant and stupid left over garbage from the last great cosmic wars. They don’t deserve to be called humans, taking or stealing someone’s else name and energy doesn’t make it true. I know what they actually are.

You don’t where my feelings are coming from. I was truly on the REAL Earths. I was born and raised. I am not going get into my spiritual history here. Lets just get one thing crystal clear, someone bought and paid for this ‘Earth’.

How ever spiritual advanced people are feeling is more then likely correct. (Siconyte, please forgive me here and I am only speaking for myself), but we KNOW something is seriously wrong. I don’t have the rights to speak to anyone’s else reality or truth. Just my own.


Then learn to adapt and co-exist first with yourself and then with the others. For good or bad, you ended up here, hating every being and every moment won’t get you anywhere. Since you have memories from past lives in the “real earths” then you know how importand is to adapt.

If you ended up castaway on a small island, sitting bellow a tree grumbing how you hate every moment of your existence, this stupid island and everything on this island, won’t really help you in any way. Grow up, and start making a place for you, that’s the only way to survive until you can get out of there.

This thread is about Siconyte. Who’s trying hard to also make a place on the mundane right now for himself (on this earth fake or not), so lets share what we can to help on his task. Destroying planets on a tantrum won’t help.


I am only sharing what I know and how I feel myself. I am not trying to invalid someone’s feelings, either. Anyone has a basic right to feel how they feel. I can relate is my only point. I’m done with this thread. Anyone is free to p.m. and we can talk privately.


And I repeat, that if someone is fighting really hard against something, pushing him more into it won’t help.

I’m also done with this thread, common sense is obviously non existent.


I sometimes feel like I don’t want to communicate with any human who has not at least read this book, and liked some part of it.


I second this and your second statement as well.

I didn’t say you were an angsty teenager, purple, I said you’re feeling like an angsty teenager and you’re also acting like one so there’s that…

And by the way, purple, planets are sentient beings why the hell would you destroy them just because of a fit of anger?!


He probably was merely expressing the same ideas that I used to have. I’m slowly working on getting better at dealing with people, but before that, it was all rage and destruction.

If you’ve read the book of Azazel, there is one passage in there where EA is talking about how he was Desiring to punish the whole of humanity for the wrongs of only a few of them. That’s how I used to feel, and how purple currently feels.

We all are going through our own personal journey of evolution, of self-discovery, and if there’s a few planets that must be destroyed, so be it.


I wonder if I should look at the Divine Realm? I have some serious trust issues when it comes to Angels, however, I can’t let that Slow Me Down.

I have a lot to think about, I think I’m going to go write down a list of things that I want to do in the future, I really need to get this thing all squared away. I can’t just Bounce from being to being willy-nilly.


Ive worked with angels a little bit, granted i have trust issue toward them as well but its mainly from confirmation bias of other magickions saying i shouldnt work with them. Ive work with Azadriel a little bit and have a copy of Greater Angels of Magick that i havent even worked with, but im getting there, soon.

I think you should do it, they mostly have a really nice energy.


Maybe start with some of the Angels from Kingdoms of Flame? Their energy is fiery, and less Celestial, than the Archangels, so they might be good to approach as a way to slowly get to know the angelic.


Forgive me if this has already been brought up somewhere in this conversation or elsewhere, but as far as a way to spend your time, or a hobby…

Have you considered writing? A book written by someone with as much experience as you have would be a great asset to both newcomers and adepts, and it would let you immerse yourself in the magic without actually performing any. It would act as an official journal for you to look back on years from now, and it could well end up bringing fame and financial success your way… It seems the natural progression to share your knowledge and become a teacher once you’ve attained such a high level of mastery… That’s what EA did, right?

Who knows, maybe we’ll all end up on the “Become a Living Siconyte” forum someday :smile:


My pain and journey are being chronicled already.

Ill talk with eric when i am ready to release.


BTW, this is all going in my actual journal, does anyone object to me quoting them?


I love it whenever the figures out of the corner of your eye are darting around trying to stay directly out of your line of sight. It’s a lot of fun, because I remember that when I was younger, the shit would terrify me, now I just chuckle.


Whenever I went out there, all I intended on doing was a small thank you to a few spirits. It turned into a full-on ritual in which I called upon some of the right-hand beings that I used to work with, thank them, and then I did a thank you oh, nice to meet you with some of the solar spirits.

I also took a little trip out to where I used to live,i rang my singing bowl a number of times in order to cleanse my bad memories of that place. Very cathartic. Although, I would have enjoyed being able to have a good time. But there simply too many bad memories there.

Today was a good day.