Sick/dying dog

I’ve been away from the forum for a bit, and my meditation practice in general. Life gets in the way, work, moving, business trips and trying to pursue personal creative goals. Long story short my childhood dog had a stroke, he’s very weak, close to death. I don’t want to be selfish by being sad, sad that ive been away for years and missed him terribly. Sad that I might not be able to say goodbye, and say how sorry I am, that im a bad person who left who wasnt there because I had to go find out who i was. Each moment I linger on these feelings its like holding back a flood of tears, since he was my only friend, my little bastard and I love him. Tonight i plan on doing my meditation, after invocating Arzel and opening my energies I plan on praying to saint francis (first to come to mind on sick animals) to create a thread such that I can say this goodbye if its his time to go and say how much i love him. I plan on driving to my folks tomorrow regardless of the situation. If anybody wants to wish him some good luck or a safe and comfortable passing i would really appreciate it.


Are you able to be there to help him cross over? I’m a vet tech by trade and they like to have their love ones with them. I have been surrender by animals my whole life and this is the hardest part of the lifetime with them. I just help my guinea cross. Just being there may help. There’s a female angel Ariel that can help you too if you need her. Her job is protector of plants and animals.

If you need any help I am here for you. Just remember your energy and voice is the most important. You seem to be ready so it will be super emotional but you won’t regret doing this. Even if you got to the vet’s office don’t leave the room. I can help you with what to say and do to keep both of you at ease.


I’m sorry for your loss.

I would recommend Azrael for passing and grief counseling and Raphael to make the death feel peaceful.


I would greatly appreciate that, I’m working on a sigil for Ariel to care for and make comfortable tonight or beyond if its what must be, and to open a communication to let him know how much i love him.


Can you astral project?

Not strongly, I can access travel to a place, usually with the help of a spirit bird that helps me go there. And then im only there with my senses and mind, never a edit astral form.

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You can go to him astrally and do some of the comforting that way. Animals sense stuff way differently then humans do. It might help put both of you at ease.


Okay, preparing for my ritual, meditation and invocations now, ill let you know how it goes. Thank you, for your warmth and help.


I performed a ritual invocation and prayer to Ariel, I saw him, asked for her blessings upon him, I was able to tell him how much I love him. How much I want him to be safe and comfortable. Tears i could feel running out of my right eye.


Tomorrow ill know how he’s doing, hopefully ill be able to help him in his process of passing forward if its what happens. But at least I was able to communicate my love and care.


I am so glad that Ariel was able to help you and you saw him. You can keep doing both as you learn what is going on. You said you are going to try to get to him physically too right?

Some of the most comforting things to say both astrally and physically to them are: It’s ok, I’m here, I love you and I won’t leave you.

This honestly is the hardest part of having pets, but the I would never give up a life time with animals :heart:


Well @Angelb1083 . So late last night I had a dream of a few entities/spirits/angels. I believe them to be both Ariel and Azrael, they let me see him again and had the overall feeling of confidence and wellness towards letting my dog go with them, that keeping him here wasn’t right, that he had to go. I awoke this morning with a call saying his condition had worsen, that he was exhibiting a lack of brain function and was snarling, very ill, and had consistent seizures. The vet said that if he was in there at all, this was tremendous pain for his physical body and the possibility that he had rabies. They said that they could sedate him further till i got there, but it wouldn’t be good and that even so (2hr+ drive) by the time i got there he would very likely be dead or in even greater pain. I decided to let him go at that point, that it wasnt right when something inside of me already knew that his spirit had left. I said a prayer and meditated for a bit to Azrael to help him pass to the next world. At which point I finished and was then called saying it was done. They have to perform an autopsy on him to check for rabies, and then after to cremate the remains to which i will collect them. I don’t feel as sad, almost relieved knowing I said my goodbyes when i had the chance rather than prolonging his suffering for me.

I looked into tears of the right eye, that its a tear of comfort/happiness and id say that makes sense. I’m sad, but happy I said goodbye and happy that he didnt have to suffer anymore. That his spirit was able to leave and not be bound to his physical and mental decay.


He knew you were there and love him. So he was able to cross over without fear.

That’s so beautiful that you both got to say your goodbyes, and you were right he left when you left him today was just making final in the physical world.

Over the next day or two look for little signs form him and maybe even a Dream or two.

I still keep finding guinea pig hair from my piggy that passed last week.

I just want to hug you to make you feel even more better. If you still need to chat I am here. It’s going to be ok just rough for a little :heart:

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I’m so sorry for your loss I couldn’t have done what you did my animals mean alot to me I’d want them to live but knowing the amount of pain he was in you did a very unselfish thing by giving him a good pass over he will be by your side in sprite he loves you so much and he knows all the good you have done for him

This is sad to hear that he passed tho

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True, I did a meditation a bit ago again to Ariel thanking for her help and Azrael for safety in his travels, a cloaked figure made of green smoke appeared to me inwardly, he was calm and gave me a sense that all things were right as they should be. Then during my ritual to Ariel her sigil began to pulse with a warm almost electric green, and then warmth in my heart. @Angelb1083 Could swear i smelled him after thanking Ariel. But overall a sense that he is at peace, gone but not forgotten, and always with me.

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