In the spirit of the holidays, I have this to ask. I have a younger brother by 2 years. He’s more successful than me. He has a career, a degree, a girl friend, all while being able to work out and play video games.

He and I are like night and day. He’s all about science and mathematics. I’m all about magick and writing fantasy. He’s a Christian. I’m a believer of occultism who falls somewhere between Paganism and the left hand path. He’s conservative, especially socially. I am adversarial. He’s always had an active social life while I’ve struggled. Our relationship has its adversarial moments. We love each other, but doing anything with him is like playing with a fire cracker. I know he feels the same.

Does anyone have a similar relationship with a sibling? What do you do?


I have something similar with both mine, i know its bad but i just avoid them as much as possible. me and my sister where really close when we where younger but as time moved on be became more distant, but what can you do, right?

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@anon39410973 i try to avoid my brothers and their wives

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ya it makes it hard at family reunion but hey life is life, i just try to be myself

Bonds are built on emotional connections. You should both forge and reinforce those bonds with magick just like with deities.

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