Showing my face I want some opinions 😶

ignore the acne I tried covering it but no luck also I’m not sure if I’m considered attractive by female standards however not the reason for this topic I want to know judging by the eyes do I look crazed evil or demon possessed in anyway I get stares from people and they seem frightened or intimidated by me… thoughts would be great :nauseated_face:


I really hate showing myself online… :nauseated_face:


oh my goodness you’re so adorable n vvv cute xoxoo :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:



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I’ve seen pics of Anton LaVey and we both have the same cold dead eyes with the dark baggage and circles underneath looking like death :skull:

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You like fine. Most people judge themselves and how they look to the point of insanity. Simply take a deep breathe and realize that people don’t see those minor imperfections in fact i wouldn’t call them imperfections at all because its the imperfect things that make everything perfect.

When i look at your eyes it does seem sort of that edge of being darker or demonic but i don’t think you are possessed.


well I have been possessed by Azazel and Satan Lucifer before along with Mammon and legions of other lesser imp demons… :smiling_imp:

thanks for the confirm I get chills myself when I stare into the mirror sometimes like looking at pure darkness or the demonic…


well thanks I guess Azazel has helped me win over the ladies as of late every girl likes the bad guy which I am :sunglasses:



be more confident !


I mean Richard Ramirez was a stone cold killer and the ladies ripped their clothes off for him…

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I get the impression that you’re having a hard time communicating with people. You might be getting fed up with people and their endless blabbering about dumb crap. You might try to have a nice conversation about the meaning of life or the nature of reality only to be treated as if such topics are heresy.

I could be wrong, but you have the energy of someone who’s coming to terms with the fact that most human beings really are insane, paranoid, ignorant, and essentially beneath you. Lots of people understand that, but opening up your psyche and experiencing it can be very traumatic.

If you have the presence of mind to question yourself, then you are doing better than 90% of all people in Earth. Just start winking and blowing kisses at people who look at you funny. They’ll just think you’re a normal rapist instead of something dangerous like an honest empath.


tbh you are 100% correct on all of that…


I hate it too! I feel like the only female in my generation that doesnt want to be in front a camera.
Your eyes dont look evil to me, they look deep. Like theres so much going on inside you.
I suffer from resting bitch face meaning my neutral relaxed face looks like Im a mix of bored/gonna stab you any moment now even though Im thinking about food/cute baby animals. Im guessing you might have the guys equivalent. A slight smile or smirk around the ladies will alure.


You look like you have some kind of food intolerance or something systematic that’s causing inflammation and contributing to your depression. You may want to research this online.

Your cells seem simultaneously starved and yet poisoned. This is just lightweight scrying, I don’t have time for more.


I’d say it’s a case of hating having photo taken. I hate it too and will avoid it too, resulting in looking as if I’m about to rip the arms off small children when someone approaches me with any device capable of commemorating my image. I do not understand the concept of the selfie.

Personally I’m better taking photos of others and making them look good, but me - I’ve just convinced myself I look like Steve Buscemi in drag.

You look normal by comparison.


You look so cute, sweetie. :blush:


you look good bro!


Well, for what my opinion as a flaming gay guy is worth, I’d do you! :wink:


Nobody determines your worth but you…direct from Enki himself.

If you’re worried you look intimidating, try smiling more. If you feel evil and hollow or dark, that will reflect in your gaze. People will sense it subconsciously.


Just a bad camera angle and lighting. You look like a deep thinker. Like I am. Just release all your tensions and worries to Lucifer (or your higher self/godform).

Embrace the darkness where the true light exists. Fuck everyone else!

P.S. You do look like a bad mofo though. Then be a bad mofo. - Belial

Peace and Blessings