Showing Appreciation: Valefor and Bael are hella cool

Bael has been in my life helping me for awhile, I will forever respect him and his crew (especially Cohzier), their enemies are mine and I will go to war for them. However, just a week after giving offerings to Valefor, invoking and talking to him and daily sharing my high with him when I blaze (lmao), he showed me that on top of being fast and relentless when it comes to fulfilling what you ask of him, he is also a mighty and very valuable spirit to have on your side. Gonna channel sigils for the tonight i’ll post them soon. Here’s both their sigils, reach out to them they’re fuckin cool (Beezlebub and Bael are the same).

Keyman Vefa Tasa Valefor

Ayer Secore On Ca Bael

image image