Shower thought: What if the RHP people actually end up getting devoured by the Demiurge?

I know this sounds like your stereotypical LHP vs RHP - who’s right?! type of topic, but hear me out.

Often times I entertain the possibility of an existence of a demiurge-like figure or a force that wants to keep us trapped here, not necessarily a creator of this world (hence I’m using the “demiurge-like” term instead of demiurge).

What if those who wish to unite with “the divine” actually end up feeding this force or entity? I mean if you look at those “enlightened god-men,” mystics, gurus, whatever, you’ll notice an interesting pattern: they’re all quite passive. They’re really calm, almost lifeless-like. Others see it as “loss of ego” or “enlightened” but to me I see it was devoid of life, devoid of that fiery passion to actually DO something.

Indeed, these people are usually isolated from society, meditate almost all day, and lead rather simple, passive lives. They do not try to change the world. They just rot away.

Instead of actually achieving “enlightenment,” what if these people are simply getting their lives sucked away as they are blinded by “the false light?”

What if they in the end get devoured by this demiurge-like figure or force they perceive as divine?



Its a possibility, one that aligns with how I see things.

But unless presented with some form of evidence, I would have to say its just that: possible. Perhaps instead of a being they are feeding the false light of entrapment as well as the planes of “heaven” where they will be bound for eternity?

A way to test this idea is if anyone has ever soul traveled to heaven and spoken to these “demiurge” figures.


Yeah, I mean any sort of force or a thing that’s being fed, regardless of whether it’s demiurgey or not. The way I see it, these mystics get drained. Look at them when they achieve their “enlightenment.” They’re devoid of life, they’re passionless. They’re but shells of their former selves. Sure, they may not get as angered easily anymore, but they’re also quite passive.

Sure, they might be psychologically strong and disciplined, but what good is strength that you can’t put to use?

I think they might just be feeding some thing they perceive as divine.


Agreed on all counts


That’s an interesting concept.
We can’t rule this out as a possibility, that the enlightened state that some people experience could be just them being devoured by the false light.
It makes sense. They talk about loss of ego, loss of self. What is one without the ego? Without the self?
Nothing. that’s right.



Paths that preach ego death as the ultimate good is a path of self-extermination. It’s self-defeating, at best.


I encourage you both to walk the path of smoke :laughing: (I know I know broken record)

It opposes this very thing. It dismantles the shackles of the false light and ego death.


Ive noticed this personality type on people who are “hooked” deep into their religions in the case of most rhp faiths the same way we “hook” into various magical currents. Also a kind of spontaneous knee jerk reaction to the ideas that you can to put it colorfully “take fate by throat and make of it what you will”. Usually met with a version of " Thats the devils arts!!"

To which i always politely respond with well i guess i am a devil then :japanese_ogre: :rofl:


:face_with_monocle: i think i have had maybe one run in with an entity of that would match the idea surrounding demiurge-like figure… :expressionless: that was not a pleasant experience to say the least…

Whole night was filled with thoughts of around “death, finality, inevitability nothing you can do ect” the looks on my face scared the hell out of my girl.
:expressionless: after about a night of this my brain went ok… fuck this… The next day i Promptly called out to nyarlathotep and every title i know of his requested whatever the hell it was to be rooted out. Needless to say a massive shit storm of bullshit kicked up in my life for a few weeks. Calmed down soon as i was out of that area.

Few months later the crawling chaos and Cthulhu was showing me a proto version of kunda yoga. Fucked me up for about a month :skull: soon after was that i found out about kurtis’s work and here i am hurling myself into it :rofl:

What that THING was i dunno… But if i find it again imma feed it to the druj nasu :expressionless:


Feed it to me, brother. I’m hungry :crazy_face:

Lol nope imma make it an offering :japanese_ogre: lmao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If anyone is wondering why I keep saying this, I feel it is a good idea to tell people about the path of smoke as since I began walking it again, there have been so many posts where it would help things or corresponds to the question.


I encountered such a being. Though it ended up being an old enemy of mine that was opposed to all life and existence in its need to devour and consume to exist and especially opposed to me. Though it had to it a unique power of opposition to all things that allowed it great power. Took me years to realize its meddling but I eventually found it out and managed to kick its ass and steal its power after a sort by stripping it of its title that it had used against me. Now I claim the title it had carried against me as my own and by doing that I own it and its power as mine and mine alone. To quote a great character “you keep what you kill”.

I myself tend to believe that these people who follow to religion so tightly inevitably doom their development for a time in illusions and traps of their own minds after death. They either are so dissatisfied with something in their lives that they create their own personal hell to languish in until they break free from their own minds or vice versa their own heavens which are just as dangerous if not more so in the perceived bliss. Or if truly dedicated to an entity that is real they basically sell themselves into slavery to these beings that use them as they see fit. (possibly as batteries)