Show us your pictures of hell

The maddening power of The Mundane. Imagine being stuck in a DMV like place in spirit form.

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I would prefer you just do this to me… cock-ashtray-penis-torture-with-cigarettes-and-more-33-502x288
Lol :smile: not really, but the DMV is a real pain…


Wanted, but can’t…inst it hellish?



I gotcha, on this one, Ever consider treating a big slightly flatter falafel as a burger patty? try it. A veggie burger that’s meat eater approved.

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Thanks Azatoth,
I am not forbidden to eat greasy stuff, i just wants to lose 8 kilos at this moment!:grin:
There was a time, that my diet was completely vegetarian and for pleasure, i liked eating only green,
wants to stick with that if i can,
But like most of people, my mind and my stomach hate each other, haha,
and i am just in the middle telling me: WTF?!?

And seriously, this is how my Hell looks like with Belial and Lucifer…Holydaaaays!

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Once while Astral Projecting…
This is the closest that I have seen of Hell. Like a massive mansion with golden walls and floors, descending spiral slides that go deeper into the Abyss, like in that movie Cabin in the Woods. Massive structures, magnificent greek columns. All the while vacant. I didn’t see anyone there. It was quite lonely.


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:no_mouth: I have seen something like this when I accidentally Astral Project when I was 13! This picture is giving me a flashback!

WOW the first pic…
looks very similar to the infernal empire that azazel took me!
did you saw it too?

its that what i think it is?

Are all of those from horror movies? I recognize one of them from that movie the 13th ghosts