Show of hands: How many of you would want a ritual robe?

I’ve been creating my own ritual robes and the robes of a few allies for quite some time now and I’m thinking of starting a small online business for them, basically because the ritual robes that are sold online are garbage and were never meant for heavy duty use as mine are. My ritual robe now is actually a heavy midnight black denim that is fully lined with a silky purple material which I made myself, it makes me look pretty bad ass. I’ve worn this robe to outdoor rituals, had it rained on, had it soaked in mud, and occasionally I wear it to go places because it is warm as hell. The robes would have to be custom made to you because I draw my own patterns out, they are closed in the front but obviously I can make just about any modifications you would want except the hood which is a deep cowl that covers your face… pretty much all I’m asking right now is if I started this, how many of you would most likely want one made. Also if you could answer the few questions below that would be great.

Do you prefer a heavyweight or lightweight ritual robe?

Do you like a lining material inside your ritual robe?

How tall are you?

How much would you be willing to pay for an extremely heavy duty ritual robe?

How long do you like your ritual robe to fall?

I would definitely pick one up. I’ve actually been looking for a good one. If you do this let me know.

we’ll need many pics:)


I think that this is a great idea Necromaster! I’ve been trying for a long time to find a ritual robe of good quality.
My problem with ritual robes is that almost all of them are too long and too big for me. Only once I’ve found a ritual robe which wasn’t too long or too big but it was so fucking heavy that I had to put some extra effort in order to stand up or move! Since then I’ve decided to quit searching for the ideal ritual robe :stuck_out_tongue:

I would definitely be interested in this. Right now I am wearing simple black pants, with bare feet and bare chest for ritual, but there’s nothing like a robe to make you feel like a real magician :slight_smile: I’d prefer a lightweight robe, ankle length, as I find I get pretty warm during my rituals.

Besides denim what other material were you thinking of using Necromaster? I wouldn’t mind one but I gotta agree with DarkestNight that lightweight would be better for me personally. To date all my rituals have been indoors and if I were to perform outside I would need something that doesn’t retain heat. I live in Georgia and it gets hotter than hell down here and so humid a pair of gills could come in handy sometimes. I really like the idea of having the robe lined with the silk like material and I agree purple on black is badass.

To answer you questions
-lightweight robe
-lined would be great
-I would be willing to pay up to $150 for one as durable as you described.
-ankle length

Pics would be greatly appreciated, best of luck to you.

Definitely going to post some pics soon when I get some time

Hey necromaster, if you really want to make money with these I can help you sell them online. Let me know if you would be up for doing that.

I would be interested. Hails

Necro, My family business makes preacher robes lol. And embroidered them. I just bought a new sewing machine for the circle of pacts and now that my kids current sport is over I got all the gear at my home and am getting ready to shred up some samples for Timothy. If there are any materials you may need for your project, email me and I will hook you up. I got a shit load of material, lining, fusing for embroidery ect ect. And all the necessary machinery to make a full clergy robe even two piece and full suits, pants whatever. Also we have a pattern for Shoals (spelling) I believe Christians use them and the Rabbis always have them there like a 5 inch wide piece of material that drapes over the neck onto the chest. I could get those embroidered with some sick satanic symbols lol. Or embroidery on the chest and cuffs of your robes, you would have to find an artist to draw up the symbols and then program them into the machine.

I can picture a sinister 18 year old jamming slip knot in a basement with a fucking sewing machine making robes lol. Or do you have a grandmother do it or something?

Nah i make them and i actually was blasting dead memories the other day lol. Right now I am loaded down with exams, have some extremely insane workings going on this week that may make ma a bit insane, and work so i have almost no time. Trying to get some things done so i can return to my robe making

Hit me up when things aren’t so hectic.

Robes are awesome.
Hope you can ship outside US, to BRAZIL.

I’d be game Necro…I would like lightweight but heavy enough with the lining that it hangs well -and ankle length with a cowl. Any colour as long as its black! And I think purple or red lining sounds cool.

At the moment I’m in college full time, working part time, and am gaining extreme amounts of power. I don’t have any room on my schedule. There were certain things that I saw when I looked into this through divination that were unfavorable. There are definitely plans for some things later on for things of this nature but at the moment it simply cannot be done.

I’d love a rode honestly. I’d just love to get to the point of major evokations first and honestly that’s a long way away (not because I’m lazy in my working, just that I have a lot going on first). I also think that if one of my friends gets into his workings more, he’d love to have one too (also, a lot of things for him to get done first of course but no rush to anyone). I love intricate designs too. Maybe black rode, ice blue designs, a circle of pacts on the back. But that’s just me haha. But as far as what I’d pay…willingly, maybe $200, though at best I could only do about $60 or so. I know this was a lot more than needed. I just rambled a lot on this, sorry. But your answer is in there at least so…stayed on topic for a bit. I’m making progress haha.