Show a sigil to a target

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering, Have you ever send the sigil of the demon you are working with to your target?

to say, you work King “such” and whil you send an email to your target, you put the image of the sigil enclosed( the sigil with out the name written on the side.

as my friend started to work with King Belial, he told here , when you send the text message you sign by my name 3 times and so she did!
the target said " what is Belial?" and she replied that it was a mistake from the phone and now it seems like the target is accomplishing the task very fast …

did you already do that?


When GodMagus was not banned, I sent Orobas to him at his request as a test by staring at the Orobas seal and imagining him next to GodMagus. Second time was reportedly a success. A bit more difficult if not impossible with a generic avatar.

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reduce font, or create a steganographic image? I’m looking to do something similar…

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Yes, but it could theoretically carry some risks. It is effective, though. I wanted someone banished from me, so I showed a charged, personalized chaos sigil for that target to that target. Asshole was gone in a week. It could be that the guy was just weirded out, but either way, I got what I wanted.


On the reverse side, If I want to show my target to the spirit I am working with; lets just say, I am doing sigil magick and I want to show the picture of my target to the spirit, what would be best way to do this?

I think a good run on the radionics machine for an hour does the needful of establishing links to targets.Tried and tested.

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Radionics machine would be ideal solution for a technomage like me :wink:
I dont have a radionics machine yet, I dont wanna build one from scrap, I dont have money to buy a readymade pro grade(nice looking) machine :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

JOkes apart …

If I place the sigil of the spirit on the

  1. top of the image of the target.
  2. write everything that I know of the target on a piece of paper.

Which one would work?

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My advice would be to invest in the digital Easy rad which is available for windows and Mac.Its cheap and tried and tested
It helps me target my enemies and clients while at work.

All you need is a picture and sigils of upto three entities.I sometimes make jpg pages of entities and put them in a single photo.

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I could use this app version to get the money to buy uncle chuckie’s rad box :wink: :joy:

If I am working with only one entity, I will need only one sigil and one picture of the target??

Yes you can use any amounts of entities you like x I like to add the symbol of sorath or dynamis to get faster results for boosting x


guys can you explain the radionic machine again please, i did not understand the thing with the finger on the pad to set the rate of something!:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Here you go. Learn from the mastermind himself. All of his e-books are free :wink:

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just like longitude and lattitude gives a location on earth, rates give the astral location of a target. So its like you are affecting the target astrally, and by natural laws it will be done to him/her in the physical plane.

Thanks @Lotuslouvena for the name of the software, Im gonna try from today :slight_smile:

No need for the finger or the pad, get a digital radionics app.It has instructions and all you need all pictures.

But this is only a supplementary tool.You need your own Will to make it work how you want it.

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what does that mean??

Will = power within = determination

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I got that dear, What I mean is would I still be doing something after I put the machine to work?

Or the results come about on their own??

Would it be possible to write the intent in such a way that we dont have to do much on our part?
(Im a bit lazy :stuck_out_tongue: )
e.g. If we are influencing someone, we could write the trend in such a way that the target wants and needs what we want them to do :wink:
Would it work?

I have a feeling you already know the answers.Lazy people can implement their Will too, but if you are asking for money, the radionics machine will not drop it in your lap.You need to be determined to change your circumstances.

I wish I could explain this better, but as you go along, you will know what I mean.

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Gotta learn from experience :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot!!!

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