Shoutout to our outstanding member

Hope this doesn’t violate any policy. Just wanna say thank you to @ParadoxicalPAT
I’m sure some of you know her cuz she’s pretty active here.
While I do have tarot cards myself I feel so dumb when I do my own readings. And she has been interpreting my cards and she’s sooo spot-on. Always blows my mind how she can break the cards down into details, sense energies&emotions even hear songs that your situation resonates with.
I decided to write this post because I feel bad that she took so much of her time out to type out long paragraphs for my readings and listen to my relationship problems. And I appreciate it a lot.
Anyways, I’m very grateful that i found her on this forum.

Thank you @ParadoxicalPAT :blush:


Eh, I honestly don’t think so…? Especially when I got to speak with you longer about the tarot spreads. Just more practice is all’s what I’ve noticed.

Thank you very much for the feedback! And yup, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:


She has done the same for me as well. Incredibly sweet lady!! Thank you for assisting me as well. The time you have taken to answer questions and give your help/take/interpretations in such great detail is so appreciated and most helpful.


Hi, also want to share @ParadoxicalPAT delivers scary accuracy to me too. I’m mindblown with the depth and wisdom. I never thought I’d be read to filth by songs I don’t know! She didn’t look down at me nor judge after sensitive topics I asked. She just listened and helped. She’s teaching me too. I feel very understood and inspired by her reading style.

Your a very gifted reader, @ParadoxicalPAT. Thank you so much for every thing.


@ParadoxicalPAT wanna trade readings? I’m thinking of doing a few free readings.

Now I don’t know how to respond haha, kinda embarrassed with myself because I’m used to private feedback lol. Thank you so much for the kind comments. And again, you’re welcome. You guys are inspiring me to continue practicing and experimenting more with how I read. :slight_smile:

Will be sending you a PM in a bit.


Making this for other members to see, but my girl @ParadoxicalPAT is the shit ! lol
She did a very extensive & detailed reading for me that totally resonated. She was patient, kind, and extremely detailed . While reading her reading I felt very connected to her energy . She painted a scenario that made it totally easy for me to visualize my situation for what it is along with helpful messages that I needed to hear .

Thanks again :dizzy::slight_smile:


now im curious, @ParadoxicalPAT could i maybe get a reading in pm?

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