Shout out to Lucifer

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to Lucifer, I was going to a VERY rough time dealing with some health issues which led to some depression and anxiety because I had no idea what was happening to me. Anyways, this isn’t a life story or anything like that, I just finally grew some balls and decided to “evoke” (more working with his sigil than anything) him which led to me feeling a lot better. Keep in mind I was also doing other things that could have led to me feeling better as well
I know some people are a bit cautious when newbies experience success with things pertaining to evocation, but hey, this is what I experienced.
And i’m well aware of how simple and/or nonchalant I made this seem lol, I just don’t want to write an essay about it.
Hail lucifer.


That’s right; there will always be people disagreeing with your experiences, but your experiences are your reality. I’ve learned that the hard way recently.

Anyway, right on, and congratulations on your awesome experience. :metal: