Should you summon Lucifer or Belial when a little drunk?

For the experts, do you think you can?

or would it be disrespectful ?

im leaning towards disrespectful, even if no disrespect is intended

I’ve done it to Lucifer. Don’t worry about what you think. Let go of all that you think and let them correct you and or guide you.


I think it would be kind of silly if you are one of those douchy drunks, plus your lack of focus. However, many of Dionysus followers evoked or invoked him while intoxicated so.


This is true you have to know what kind of drunk you are.


no no douchy drunk at all, i just drink to numb my pain

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plus i wouldnt go to Lucifer or Belial acting like an idiot

Belial would probably disrespect you a lot, because he is all about freedom. The moment you are under the influence of alcohol you aren’t free anymore but under the spell of poison so probably not the smartest move.

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I have evoked Belial while inebriated. The only issue I had was my lack of concentration. Belial didn’t seem to care.

I will note, though, that I was not outright drunk, only slightly tipsy.


Belial probably wouldn’t care if you where respectful when speaking to him

He even wants me to drink with him sometimes when I evoke him with a bottle of Whisky as an offering


Done it several times, at different levels of inebriation. He didn’t care, so long as the work could still get done (communication, mainly). I wouldn’t recommend spouting off at the mouth at him if you don’t like apologizing and making some extra offerings…


Why would someone summon him then do this

Substance use and magic shouldn’t be mixed lightly, especially if you’re any less than highly experienced and familiar with the particulars of both. Alcohol enhances your sensitivity and susceptibility to cthonic currents; if you can maintain the proper magician’s focus while you’re buzzed or slammed, subsequently yes it can serve as quite a powerful augment. Like all power it comes with costs hazards and drawbacks, the main one being the ease with which your own will and control can fall prey to the enhanced power you’re calling forth. If and when it becomes to much to handle it can blow up in your face real fuckin bad.

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Summon isn’t the right word for something like that. It would be more like Belial shows up and you’re drinking.

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Depends whether you’re in there presence or they in yours. After sometime through invocations I found myself automatically going to the realms of my spirita when summoning them. You don’t want to be in asmodeus palace while drunk next to his throne and them precious gems

I’m still very new to all of this so definitely not a expert, so I guess take my experience as a grain of salt, but I got extremely inebriated the first time I envoked King Belial.
The first time I envoked Belial I offered him straight whiskey and did the whole I drink what you drink thing. Now I’m a light weight and one of my meds at the time greatly reduced my tolerance to any sort of alcohol …needless to say…not a good combo. I got absolutely plastered fell asleep while envoking and woke up about a hour later…the first thing I heard while waking up was a deep kind of gruff voice in a very disappointed tone say “You foolish inebriated woman,” it was my first clairaudience experience…and I was still so drunk I couldn’t even remember what the word inebriated meant. I apologized for getting so drunk, it hadn’t been my intentions to do so as I had forgotten about the meds side effect of reduced alcohol tolerance. He wasn’t mad just extremely disappointed with me. My advice would be if you do drink and get drunk just be respectful and apologize if you get plastered.
As for me nowadays even if I offer alcohol I usually don’t drink any myself or on rare occasions I just stick to a very light mixed drink.


was this your first time evoking Belial, when doing it for the first time it’s always best not to be under any influence, if it was Belial that answered you, I would assume that what he said, he meant as: “Come on you, you can do better than this, have some strength.”

and I also think that yes, he felt disrespected to a degree. In my opinion, you should never be under the influence voluntarily when working with a new Being for the first time.

Yes it was my first envoking with king Belial and I agree definitely with you I shouldn’t have drank any alcohol that night. Around that time I had read that it was rude to give a food or drink welcoming offering if you do not partake in any yourself…obviously I know now that it was false information.
Also yes it was definitely king Belial, and yes he did feel mostly disappointed and somewhat disrespected. I apologized and he corrected me on my mistake, it ended up being a good learning experience. It was just a combo of some very bad info and reduced alcohol tolerance.

Belial found it irritating in my case. Probably better not