Should there always be a reason for everything you do?

Hello! New question again in less than 24 hours. I’m feeling rather curious as of lately so I think I’ll be asking more questions.

:point_up_2: From the question above, I have recently hit a brick wall in life. Or maybe it was already there. There’s nothing for me to currently do other than focus on my studies and meditate. A short break from school will be coming up very soon and that will just mean something less to do. I do take interest in a few topics, but only for some seconds and then I’ll loose motivation.

The main reason is because I don’t have any reasons to cast some spells or do some summonings. The only thing I do is meditate because that should be a daily activity that every magician should take part in. I don’t need any money, so I can’t cast any money spells. Not interested in any love affairs. Thought of picking up a few sigils to just gaze at but I don’t want to bother anyone for no apparent reason. Thought of working with a few Demons but there’s nothing that I need help with. Every day it’s me getting up at 5AM, going to school, getting home at 5PM, meditating, sleeping and repeat. On weekends I just sit in my room not doing anything.

The fact that my life has hit a stalemate makes me loose the motivation that I have and the excitement to do things because I have no reason to do them. I don’t know what other magicians normally do on a daily basis, so there’s nothing for me to do. I tried online magick courses but all they say is meditate and meditate, then I’ll be able to move on to the next phases, which is what I’m already doing.

Actually, not having any particular desire for things is the perfect time to do magick for them.

For beginners, and even seasoned magicians, one of the biggest hurdles in magick is what is known as the “Lust for Result.” This is the emotional attachment a person has to whatever it is they desire. This is particularly hazardous around money magick, and love magick, because an obsessive or desperate state prevents the person from walking away once the magick is done.

So the perfect time to do money magick is when you already have money. The perfect time for a love spell is when you don’t particularly care one way or another if anyone is interested in you.


A couple days ago, I had a random surge-burst of energy which I used to encourage Pakistan’s use of a newclear weapon just becuz kaos. I would say if there is an entity out there that you feel drawn to, start up a relationship just to see where it goes. Interact with mythological ideation.

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Most, if not all spells focus around the desire which powers the spells. I’m sure EA mentioned in one of his videos that in order to curse an enemy you need the anger or hatred to cast the curse. That most people don’t achieve results because they do not have enough hatred/anger to give the curse its power. What I’m trying to avoid is casting spells and not receiving any results because I couldn’t give enough power for the manifestation.

I don’t want to waste any entity’s time by calling them up with no valid reason. If he/she do show up, or I start working with them and suddenly lose interest later on, won’t that piss them off? It’ll ruin any chances of working with them if I need help in future.


Using hatred/anger in a curse is only one way of doing baneful work. You might want to read EA’s book “Baneful Magick,” where he talks about this. Professional sorcerers who curse on behalf of clients have no personal interest, so there is no hatred or anger to power anything, yet their curses still work.

In the book EA talks about how, when he gives his students a target to curse, they run into this problem, because, while the ritual release of hatred is a good curse, you won’t always have such powerful emotions at your disposal.

I have done many rituals with a “don’t particularly care” attitude and received good results. All you need is a tiny spark of desire to bring you into the ritual to begin with. That’s it. You don’t need some driving force. Emotion does not power every act of magick.

You can call upon a spirit for any reason. I have done Q & A’s with spirits that I have never called again. If you no longer want to work with a spirit, it is always your choice. The only time they may be upset about it is if you have cultivated a deep relationship or entered a pact.

There are many stories in the occult community from people who received what they wanted as soon as they had completely forgotten all about doing the spell or has ceased wanting it.


I think this forum has two kinds of members right now, people who do magick for the love of doing it, exploring “the unknown” and the hidden, trying to find MORE than material life offers them, and people who see magick as the last-ditch (or lazy) solution to a specific problem, but who would drop it tomorrow if their problem fixed itself by other means.

In a non-critical way I think the first group will get better results, just like someone who loves art, colour, and design will get better results decorating their home, compared to someone who is just so sick of the old paintwork they’re forced to pick up a brush or roller.

The love of doing a thing leads to doing it more often, which leads to skills, knowledge, and over time, expertise - also, forging good relationships with spirits.

Going to magick like a vending machine may have its uses in some situations but I think it’s a less fulfilling, and ultimately, less powerful, approach.

(But I get why people do it, or why they hire someone, I don’t want to apprentice as a plumber, or study the history of aquaducts and drainage systems, before I can unblock a u-bend. Sometimes you need what you need, and are not looking for a new field of study and practice. :slight_smile: )


I would have definitely considered myself in the second category for a long time. I really wanted to drop magic. I hoped my problems would fix themselves by other means, and that I wouldn’t need to do it anymore, and I could just go back to “normal”.
Magic just seemed like another waste of time, pointless actions for no results, and then I got results, but still things didn’t always go the way I wanted it and so I wondered if it was more trouble that it is worth. Now, I’m just realizing how much stuff is made up B.S. by people who jumped through hoops to become some kind of authority figure, but really they are just making up B.S.
Also, I’m realizing my goals are so ambitious that achieving them without magick is probably not really viable.

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What are your passions? Without passion, life is a matchstick that never reached its spark. I don’t have much drive to cast spells either. If I do, they come with good intent or self-interest. But acting out of self-interest really takes a bit from you each time; which is why I warn others. Don’t go too hard with magick and you’ll start acting and looking like someone on crack. Intensely manic behaviour, erratic— you turn irrational and you can see it in the eyes. Just like someone affected by rabies who eventually become hydrophobic and refuse water. They are being fucked by the inside out.

I absolutely loathe seeing wasted potential in other people. It kills me, because we all have a lot to offer. You can adopt new methods of meditation including Tantric/Yogic practices or


I’m more attracted to baneful magick than any other. Since the beginning of the year there have been multiple people I’ve wanted to curse, but soon lost my motivation when I came across instructions such as “your desire for the person’s death should be stronger than their will to live”. I never thought I could master up this much emotion when needed, because my anger always vanishes before I can curse the person. Of course I still want revenge.

I just didn’t think that one could do so without the emotions. With love spells I usually only lust after the individual and don’t have strong feelings for them. But thanks for the advice.

If you are attracted to baneful work, I highly recommend EA’s book “Baneful Magick”. He covers a lot of different ways to curse, including the ritual release of hatred, as well as working without emotion.

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