Should the macroscopic alchemy ritual be performed more than once in the same place

What the title says

This is what I am referring to

To answer my own question, I don’t see why not, seems like it would just make the veil even thinner. But I’d like the advice of some other magicians before I do it again in the same spot

Also do you think this makes the space it’s performed at more potent for darker rituals?

I don’t think it matters, what matters is your skill and intent.

Building up a certain kind of energy in a space over time cam make ritual that are supported by that energy easier. Like, if you pour hot water into your kettle, it boils faster.

I personally see “the veil” as a metaphor for the weakness of most people’s psychic connection with thier own inner self. There isn’t any actual veil and that’s why it’s not the same for everybody, some can’t sense anything and some “see through the veil”.

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Same thought process I had

That makes quite a bit of sense, and I agree, though I do believe there is another aspect that I can’t quite draw up the proper words for at the moment

When I performed this ritual I did it in front of the entrance to a high school in order to have an effect on the young vulnerable minds that would be attending. Now if the “veil” is thinned in that area I don’t think that means that the people it has an effect on are granted a greater psychic connection to their inner selves but that those energies have been presenced in greater concentration than would normally be the case and people who wouldn’t normally be as attuned to them are forced to be. I do believe what you said is a big part of it though

Thank you for your reply, you always have something interesting to say when you do