Should newbies perform evocation?

Posting on this form after ages!!

Okay so this question was bothering me and I am unable to think of anything else but this…
Many of you may know I am a newbie, but have made some decent and slight progress in this field. I’ve performed some candle spells with 2 of the 3 spells being successful, and performed general spells without any candles by calling on the power of darkness, and all of them have been successful.
I was looking to head on towards evocation and invocation, but while reading about it online, many sources claimed that newbies should not even think about evocation untill they have performed a banishing ritual everyday for at least a year!! That’s a lot of time lol.
I saw one of EA’s videos in which he said that new black magicians can evoke demons and spirits, so right now I am hella confused.
I am drawn towards evocation so much, I can’t even wait now.
Waiting for everybody’s thoughts on this.


Sounds like your question has been answered already.

Yes, you can. However there’s a lot of development that has to occur to see and hear them, etc. It’s the development of the astral senses. Being able to perceive what’s happening on an astral/spiritual level. Also, make sure you’ve the right mindset before you approach a being for help/teachings.

Also, I’d still learn the banishings too. They’re very helpful. You’ll see why at some point.


As @Fallen_Angel said the problem with beginner doing evocation is that If the astral senses aint developed you might not percive If you was succesful.
EA in videocourses says that a good way to develop your senses is to do evocations and trust your intuition on the answer given, by doing it you will develop your senses as a sideeffect.
Doing banishing for a year id say is to scare ppl of, you should however be able to performa a banishing so i would start to learn that and once thats second nature then i would start with evocation, during the time learning the banishing you might also spend time on your astral senses.


I don’t see why beginners to the Craft can’t perform evocations. Go ahead.

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A resounding: yes! Is in order, depending on your skill level you may not feel you are doing it “right” in the beginning however with practice you will likely be surprised how quickly it will unfold. To get started is not hard to persist and not give up is what’s hard.


Evocation can be done by a beginner, but it is not always an awesome idea. I would at least become proficient at banishing first. A year straight of it might be a bit much, though, lol. I think that is more to discourage dabblers, as well as to impress upon the mage the seriousness of bringing a spirit into your life. In a way, I tend to agree. Some approach this stuff too haphazzardly, and pay a steep price for their uncautious approach.


I would caution if you are fearful of evocation, then give it is a miss for a awhile (because this is what you will most likely get back). Go with your gut instinct, and you will know when to do this.