Should I stop reading books what talk about giving offerings as the demons don't do what is asked of them?

For example read this book Daemons of High Magick by David thompson.

I gave egg offering to lucifer to bring me an attractive woman for sex. Its been months and nothing

The spirits just take my offerings and don’t deliver.

I’m not familiar with that book, so I cannot speak to its methodology, but have you tried any other methods to contact Lucifer?

Techniques and methods are not necessarily universal, and what works for some might not work for you. There are many people who don’t get results from the Gallery of Magick books, for example, while others get spectacular successes.


I tried demons of magick too.

Basically tried all the popular books. Tried EAs books. NAP. Mystic grimoire.

None of then work.

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They do work, though. Many people have had success with them.

Have you had a divination done on what obstacles might be in the way?

Maybe try for small changes/events etc, and build up from there?

Maybe sigil work and chaos magic could get you results, if spirit work is taking longer to manifest.

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Have you tried a simple petition spell? Some people report great success with them when nothing else worked for them. After doing some divination as was suggested, maybe try a petition spell:

Have you ever considered that you are the problem and not the demon?

What have you done to get laid by a hot girl?

It’s easy to point fingers at the demon and blame them, but have you done anything worthy of getting laid?

This is probably your best bet.

If the demons aren’t delivering it’s probably because it’s quite impossible. Sorry to say.

I’ve done rituals to get laid even from certain women specifically - none of them have fucked me.

Does that means the demons wasted my time? No lol, it just means it wasn’t possible or they are still working on it.

The quickest way to guarantee a ritual won’t work is to say “the ritual failed”.

Maybe it takes an entire year for a hot girl fuck you.

You are just horny and inpatient so you say it’s failed when in actuality it hasn’t. Even if it did fail there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Maybe use the demons to make you more powerful, or more popular etc. Then after you are more powerful or popular then ask for help getting laid.

I suggest you work with demons more and ask for something more realistic. Or try to get laid yourself and help the manifestation.
I haven’t got laid since asking demons for help but they have manifested me other things so I know demons are real and so are their powers.

For me I am taking a different approach. I am attracting a soulmate into my life and will enjoy sex with her rather than being lustful for specific girls of my past or ones I envy.

Also if you are in decent shape and can talk to women go to a bar, that’s where everyone gets laid. If you cannot get laid at a bar then you have a lot of self improvement to do!

I never give offerings as payment… I do give offering after getting the result if I feel like showing y gratitude that way.

I find magick works better coming from a place of gratitude for the work being done, than a feeling of exchange to account for lack.

I second the idea to do a divination and study the energies involved. What is your energy, what is your targets energy, and what is the gap between them?


As always say,take spiritual baths for 3 weeks once a are must be clean for ritual not matter place park etc,then if can get a tarot card if not do spell.its literally hundred of sex magiqes books, if Lucifer not work he’s picky try aodeus,astarot ,dude there is a lot to choice,about the eggits to get rid of bad energy, offering in my tradition not good for offering,here try Lucifer Faustus sex magick.books,Howard vernon.and a Brazilian guy who has a sex book to demons,mundi I tink.and raundo baths for 3 weeks and then star use incense to purity the area,you will see a improvement in weeks

Lucifer might just decide not to give you what you want “for your own good” or who knows why. They don’t necessarily think that our desires should be catered to. The other side of that is perhaps “an egg” just isn’t an adequate offering for what you want. Lucifer is a powerful being and can surely give you what you ask.

Nah I haven’t had divination done. Don’t know anyone reliable to do it.

The book said to give offerings. Should I just not give offerings then. Only give offerings as gratitude. I was just following the book.

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The spirits are not obligated to give you anything for your offerings. You want to get in touch with them and build a relationship.

Depends on person, really. Concept of offerings are not set in stone.

I am not sure however, if the problem was just the offering here. It could be that you wanted something outside of sphere of availability.

You asked for an attractive woman, have you been also actively seeking for one outside of that? Like, do you go out and show yourself in parties, events, etc?

No need to answer me, I am just giving you potential possibilities of what went wrong.

What they said :slight_smile: I wouldn’t expect there to be an issue with the offering.

If it were me, I would first do a divination and meditate on the issue to identify what’s going on energetically.

  • did Lucifer hear your request accurately?
  • is it still coming but ten years down the line (that’s no good),
  • is there a better option coming, is there a block of some kind,
  • is the lady feeling the effects, but it’s not what she wants for reasons you don’t know so she’s ignoring them, or
  • maybe it’s not what you really want and some internal conflict muddying your intent is your issue, or
  • when you did the asking, you focused more on the feeling of lack than the feeling of gratitude for having, which tends to manifest more lack.

I would also try a different entity that specialises in this type of attraction magick. You could redo the same spell and switch out the entity called.

To be honest, I just looked up the rituals in the book and I don’t like the technique at all, it looks weak to me. Assuming you used the simplified ritual. It’s demonolatry (a religion that worships demons), and “humbly asks” Lucifer for your request, after telling you he’s an egregore anyway. :person_shrugging: I find it a bit lacking in confidence and oomph.

I you might like to try that again, but this time stand in your power as a human entity with serious energy, and face Lucifer as an equal. You’re asking for his energy and the exchange is your own time, attention and gratitude, which is also energy. Fuck the stupid dead egg, that works if it’s fertilised and alive, and then it’s an animal sacrifice, which is just a blood offering and useless unless it’s your blood. A dead egg is just a bit of food, you’d do better to give something you’d rather eat yourself so there’s a bit of real sacrificial energy to it.

A lot of entities really dislike a weak and begging attitude, and this book seems to promote weakness in this vein. You’re not asking for a favour, you’re mano a mano looking for a trade that the entity wants to do anyway.
I’m not saying this authors magick doesn’t work, but I suspect he’s doing all the heavy lifting himself.

So to redo it as I would:

Instead of, and I quote (p37) “Lucifer I humbly offer you this Lucifer in return for your energy in manifesting my desire”

Take a good manly man breath, gird your loins, and try something more affirmative, polite but not weak. Make up what you want, Lucifer appreciate freedom of expression, but I’d go with this for example):

"Hail and well met Lucifer! Daemon of freedom and human ascension, thank you for coming! I have a request! That you bring [lady’s name] to me, as laid out in this petition. [Read petition aloud and with feeling, see the energy as it will be in your heart and mind]. As it is my will then so it is!"

Really feel that last, “so it IS”. Make it real to you. Repeat it if you need to.

Try that, and if it is her will, it’ll work out.