Should I stay away from Christian friend or I can hangout with him?

This dude just keep telling me about how their religion and the Bible is awesome and preaching when I just wanna hangout have fun, Stop the sins stop having sex oh my god relax man I’m sure you’re doing it your self behind close doors he is fun and all but a little bit hypocrite and brainwashed, He is preaching to all of my friend group and my female friends and they are getting annoyed by him, But even tho he is annoying he is my best friend and he is projecting his own fear on me all the time he is like dude you should change your habits blah blah blah, Omg this Bible is the most oppressive and unfriendly possession I have ever saw, I just can’t deal with him anymore I have other friends but we are childhood friends so it’s rare relationship for me… I’m telling him I don’t believe in that shit I’m trying to get this demon out of his head but he keeps telling me about hell and how he know everything, For fuck sake I’m clueless about this guy I rather not talk at all anymore at this point I’m just agreeing. I’m sick and tired picking him up with my car and hearing him talking about the miracles and things that happened to him thank to his lord, The ironic part that his parents hate religion and they making his life a living hell so I find it funny that he is talking about bus events that happened to me when jesus actually not provided him with protection from this parents that wanna throw him out from the house because he is jobless, I’m amazed I really am… the most funny and original joke I have ever heard for me pray every night for Jesus for forgiveness on the sins that you did and you will get saved, I lost my words for this guy I really feel sorry for him he is trying to change everyone with his fears in a deluded way claiming he is just spreading the prophecy when all he is doing is being judgmental unfriendly dude that afraid from his own shadow, And it all started one month ago… Christians are so oppressive annoying unfriendly and brain cells destroyers I will miss his previous personality, When Christianity changing your best friend into a bipolar…


Could you stage an intervention or something? Or bind his sudden obsession with christianity…If it gets too annoying I would quit hanging out with him.


You must stop talking to him! or he will sooner or later break your will and you will not be able to resist him later, on my own judging.

Since you have known him since childhood, I would try and talk to him first.

Also it’s my opinion but a lot of Xiang talk that way because they feel like they r supposed to. And he probably cares about you and THINKs he’s helping.

Try to chat with him first and let him know that u want to be friends but keep religion out of it.



this has happened to my friend lately.and that guy was my best fucking friend but today he said to me that he doesnt like to hang out with satanist like me and also that guy he literally did a rite on satanic baptism and he swear to satan and a demon called taratus and beelzebub to never leave satanism and reach godhood…
man wtf

Damn, that’s rough. It sounds like one of those situations that won’t be fixed with direct argument. He’s going through a really tough time and his spiritual trip is probably the only thing that feels positive.

Aside from spellwork, maybe you could bend the conversation toward some deep philosophical questions. Where does he stand on the question “Do numbers exist?” or “What is beauty?”

If you’ve been friends since you were kids, a month or two apart won’t really destroy your friendship. He might just need to work stuff out. Getting a job would sap a lot of energy and bring him back to real life, so maybe help that happen.


On the one hand he might really believe he’s trying to help you, that concept goes deep and he has millenia of social proof he’s right and a whole culture founded on the idea of looking out for people and that Christianity is the baseline to which we compare other things.

But it does seem like he’s using this to plaster over the cracks.

if you can separate how much is you wanting to put your beliefs in him, you’ll be able to come at this cleanly, but people often get a bit enthused about a new thing, whatever it is, then slowly they integrate it when it fails to solve all life’s problems (unless it actually does, but very few philosophies will for most people) and settle back to a balanced state, keeping what works and discarding what doesn’t.

You can help him out by maybe having a chat about how faith comes from within, you’re glad he’s foind this and it’s making sense and you’ll certainly keep an open mind, BUT, at the same time because faith can’t be faked can he please just lay off in your presence.

That respects he thinks he’s saving you from literal eternity in hell, he’s just trying to be a good mate in some ways, though he also probably subconsciously needs to get people to join him so he feels affirmed in this radical new worldview.

Or, tell him outright, you aren’t at a point where this is making sense and can he please dial it down.

IMO if you cut him loose, you’re handing him over to deeper immersion, though it may become necessary for your own wellbeing later, if you can avoid it, he’ll probably come down at some point, and be glad to have a friend outside it all.

That’s just some thoughts, hard to say without really knowiung the personalities involved, but remember no religious person is consciously trying to fuck with you, they truly do think what they’re doing is right.

That’s why these book cults with a perfected man or perfect way of life are so fucking toxic, they don’t just help a person cope with life, they actively mandate forcing the ideas on other people… :roll_eyes:


The Apostle Paul or Peter mentioned something about “snatching their souls out the fire” and “delivering them unto Satan himself if they are resistant”…

I am twisting this around in a more adversarial way of course…

Evoke Satan and deliver your friend unto him. Basically Commit your friendship with said friend into the Hands of Satan.

If its meant, you will find he will ease up on you and start asking you questions out of genuine curiosity about what you do. At this point, feel free to show him Demon Magic, how to open sigils, etc

Fuck! Teach him the principles of Evocation for Example so he can have the power to Decide for himself whether this is real or not and who he will serve (Ascend through).


If it aint meant, He will be destroyed by his own ignorance. And you will go through the fire Unscathed.

Of course, being the Adversary, Satan keeps connections with People (even complete morons) if it advances his purpose and also for said morons eventual development and ascension.

Keep that in mind. Your friend will be of great benefit later on.


Thats completely 180° different advice compared to what i normally say (kill all christians!!) but hey, thats the Adversary in me i guess

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See if this wonderful Daemon will help your friend.

At the very least he can sheild you from prayers sent to you that could interfere with anything you are doing.

Trying to avoid Christians is going to leave you very lonely, those critters are everywhere, and we are social creatures so being a hermit in the name of your own religion would not be healthy.

But perhaps the lovely Duke can get your bud to chill out a bit.


Just roll with him, what’s the problem. If he is your childhood friend, then the least you can do is tolerate a bit of nonsensical crap from your buddy. At least it is funny, as you indicated. Losing valuable friends over small things like this isn’t wise.




@Lady_Eva @Micah @JezebelleMoon @Gitana7 appreciate all of your suggestions guys yea I can assure you that you wouldn’t be able to handle logical debate with this brain washed fear system, The dude’s literally quoting so many lines from the Bible trust me you would have go crazy too sometimes he is fun sometimes he is coming in a mood to criticize me and make me a full paragraph of preach.


I don’t logically debate with many people.

Do what you deem best.

i think your friend is using religion as a coping mechanism because he´s jobless, and you know how church always emphasizes the gospel of prosperity and how having faith will resolve all your problems, maybe you could talk to your friend, saying that he shouldn´t be overtly religious whenever you both are talking to each other


If you love him in any way; stay with him. You can be a balancing, stabilizing influence in his life; an alternative perspective and “reality check”. Such friends are worth more than gold and can mean the difference between life and death. But keep your own needs in mind as well. If he starts hurting or harming your own well being in any way, back off. Perhaps work on your own depolarization; the LBRP and Middle Pillar ritual are excellent for this. You’ll find that after a while, your own depolarized influence will rub off on others, including your friend, and help to bring him back to a more psycho - spiritually balanced state.


Honestly if he opened my car door with an adversarial attitude I’d tell him, we’re not chilling today. I’ll talk to you when you respect me.
He needs to understand he is being selfish and disrespectful. It’s not easy to get that concept through but maybe not being able to hang out with you would open his eyes a crack.

I agree with Micah, have a Daemon intervene for this guy, he needs it. He needs those walls broken down he has up or he’ll destroy himself.


Simple approach, that doesn’t really require any action: ask him to stop
Doesn’t stop: cut him off
Does stop and respects you: be his friend if you want to.

In all honesty it doesn’t require magickal action.